Star Wars Die Cast Speeder Bike for trade or sale

    • June 21, 2018 at 6:03 pm #2025

      So, I figure I might as well post a few items here. The situation is the same: I’m an elementary teacher, so well-meaning students give me Star Wars things as gifts, but I don’t always have the interest or space to keep the toys on display. I’d rather sell or, even better, trade for extra Star Wars cards from pretty much any series.

      Here I have the Disney Store Star Wars die-cast Speeder Bike. I’d sell it for $10 plus actual postage to you. (You’ll find it on eBay from $15 – $25, at least when I looked), or I’d trade it for some of your extra Star Wars cards. I’m working on a list of card needs that I can post, but honestly I’m receptive to any reasonable offer. Here’s a convenient way for you to get rid of a handful of your extra cards and get something that you might genuinely care about!

      The speeder bike is mint in the unopened box. The box is about 7 inches wide, 4 inches tall, 4 inches deep.

      Disney Speeder Bike

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