Terms of Use

This community requires that you behave in a respectful manner consistent with the sense of community that we are trying to create here.

ADVERTISING FOR COMMERCIAL WEBSITES / STORES / ETC. IS NOT PERMITTED ON THIS SITE IN ANY FORM. It is against the policies of this site to post any link to any commercial website (a commercial website is any site that is primarily a store that sells goods, or which contains a site store that sells goods). This does not include any links posted by the administrators of this website.

The only ads permitted on this site are those posted by the site's owner and administrator. These ads support the costs of the site and are an important part in helping to maintain this site. Attempts to subvert the non-advertising ban by making posts that are in effect a form of advertisement may result in your removal from the community.

This community includes children and adults, men and women, and people from a wide range of cultures. Please be sensitive to this. All content posted here must be 'G' rated and appropriate for all. Personal attacks of any kind will not be tolerated.

You are permitted to post Star Wars cards and items for sale or trade, along with other trading cards, but as an individual only. This site is not appropriate for card dealers or others who primarily wish to trade or sell cards for profit. You are responsible for your behavior when you trade or sell here. If you fail to follow through on promises made, cheat others, or otherwise act in a way not consistent with this community, you will be banned from the website.

This site reserves the right to ban any user for any reason at the discretion of the site's owner and administrator.


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