Solo Cards

    • June 1, 2018 at 1:16 am #1968

      I got my two Hobby boxes for the Solo set yesterday. Each box provided a complete set of the base cards, so props to Topps for that. I got a complete set of the Smooth Sayings chase set, and I’m just short one card for the Icons and Silhouettes sets, but didn’t do so well with the other two chase sets. The stickers only come two to a box, and I managed to end up with one duplicate, and I got six cards for the Ships and Vehicles sets in each box – but they were the same exact six cards so I’m still short there. The “hot” cards were a decent sketch and a patch card in one box and an Andrew Woodall autograph and another patch card in the other. Finally, the yellow parallels came one in every pack, plus additional parallels were in most packs, so each pack only had about five base cards. That seems like overkill on the parallels to me.

      Did anyone else get a Hobby box or two? I’d like to get some trading going.

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