C-3PO/Cantina Micro Machines for sale or trade

    • June 22, 2018 at 12:40 am #2028

      I’m an elementary teacher with sweet students who sometimes give me Star Wars items. Unfortunately, I don’t always have space to display or interest in keeping the gift; it just ends up stashed in a closet. I’ll sell at a fair price plus actual postage, but I’d likely rather trade the toy set for some of your extra Star Wars cards.

      I’m not particular about which cards; I’d trade for cards from almost any set like those extra Galactic Files or Rogue One commons you still have after completing your set..

      I’ve had this C-3PO set in storage for some time now. The Micro Machines playset is a C-3PO head that opens to become a cantina. I think the set is from the 1990s.

      C-3PO/Cantina set for sale or trade

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