Coca Cola - Japan - Star Wars Bottle Caps (Unknown Date)


Previously I have not included these caps as part of my website.

Visitors and friends however, keep pointing them out to me for inclusion on the site, and I have to admit, they fit well with the other items this site lists. After all, a pog and a tazo aren't so very different from a bottle cap with a picture inside it. Unfortunately, I do not have a proper checklist for these caps, and only a moderate description.

Issued at some point in the vintage era, these were standard bottle caps on coke bottles, which had a picture on the under-side of the caps. There are a total of 50 caps to collect. Naturally, as something that wasn't issued specifically to be collectible, the caps are often found in bent or damaged condition, and are seldom seen for sale as a full set.

Any assistance in generating a proper checklist for these caps would be appreciated.

Card Values
·  set value: $150
·  single: $2-
·  display tray: $30

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No checklist available at this time.