Topps – US – Solo: a Star Wars Story (2018)


The long awaited Han solo origin story hit the big screen as the second Star Wars movie outside the trilogies, and now has made its way into card collector's hands as well. Filled with great photography and art, this set is a must have for any serious card collector. Grabbing up the 10 pack retail boxes was the way to go for myself as the guaranteed Patch Cards make for a nice extra bonus. For those wanting to really get intot he good stuff, some great Signature and Sketch cards were throughout the Hobby Boxes.

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Base Cards
1 Han Solo
2 Qi'ra
3 Lando Calrissian
4 Chewbacca
5 Beckett
6 Val
7 L3-37
8 Enfys Nest
9 Moloch
10 Stormtrooper
11 Mimban Stormtrooper
12 Range Trooper
13 The Millennium Falcon
14 R2-F1P
15 R2-S8
16 R5-PHT
17 WG-22
18 Saucer Head
19 Argus "Six Eyes" Panox
20 Qi'ra
21 Korso
22 Mimbanese Soldier
23 Pyke Sentinel
24 S1D6-SA-5
25 P4T-GM
26 NP-G1
27 DV-4D4
28 HT-IN-4
29 Han Solo (Corellia)
30 FD3-MN
31 DD-BD
32 Aemon Gremm
33 Dryden Vos' Security Enforcer
34 Aurodia Ventafoli
35 Weazel
36 Han Solo (Mudtrooper)
37 Qi'ra (Vandor-1 Yacht Party)
38 Han Solo (Vandor-1)
39 TIE Fighter Pilot
40 Mimbanese Soldiers
41 Gathered Around the Tables
42 Imperial Patrol
43 Therm Scissorpunch
44 The Nefarious Moloch
45 Speeder Escape
46 Droid Battle
47 Lady Proxima
48 Imperial TIE Fighter Pilots
49 Pyke Sentinel
50 Chewbacca on Vandor-1
51 Dryden's Enforcer Guard
52 Mudtrooper
53 Mimban Stormtroopers
54 Mining Operations Droids in the Control Room
55 Glaucus
56 Six Eyes' Next Move
57 Imperial Occupation
58 Answering to the Empire
59 Trooper on Patrol
60 Imperial Officers Assess the Situation
61 Quay Tolsite
62 Mining Operations Worker
63 Han and The Falcon
64 Qi'ra in the Shadows
65 Battle on the Train
66 The Sophisticated Lando
67 Han Solo and Chewbacca
68 Han Solo's Overlook
69 Meeting with Beckett
70 Qi'ra's Arrival
71 Lando's in the Game
72 Val
73 Han and Beckett
74 Lando's First Mate
75 Showdown with Enfys Nest
76 In the Millennium Falcon
77 Han Solo
78 Lando Calrissian
79 Han and Chewie
80 Han Solo
81 Chewbacca
82 Mimban Stormtrooper
83 Enfys Nest
84 Han Solo
85 Qi'ra
86 Chewbacca
87 Moloch
88 Enfys Nest
89 Imperial Patrol Trooper
90 Saucer Head Concept Art
91 Quay Tolsite Concept Art
92 HT-IN-4 Concept Art
93 Control Room Droid Concept Art
94 Control Room Droid Concept Art
95 DD-BD Concept Art
96 Pyke Sentinel Concept Art
97 Imperial Patrol Trooper (Concept)
98 Range Trooper Concept Art
99 Mimban Stormtrooper Concept Art
100 Korso Concept Art
I-1 Han Solo
I-2 The Millennium Falcon
I-3 Lando Calrissian
I-4 Qi'ra
I-5 The Galactic Empire
I-6 Chewbacca
I-7 Enfys Nest
SL-1 Han Solo
SL-2 Chewbacca
SL-3 Lando Calrissian
SL-4 Qi'ra
SL-5 Beckett
SL-6 L3-37
SL-7 Moloch
SL-8 Mudtrooper
SL-9 Range Trooper
SL-10 Stormtrooper
SL-11 Enfys Nest
Character Stickers
CS-1 Han Solo
CS-2 Qi'ra
CS-3 The Galactic Empire
CS-4 Enfys Nest
CS-5 Lando Calrissian
CS-6 Moloch
CS-7 Chewbacca
Ships and Vehicles
SV-1 The Millennium Falcon
SV-2 The Millennium Falcon
SV-3 The Millennium Falcon
SV-4 The Millennium Falcon
SV-5 M-68 Speeder
SV-6 TIE Starfighter
SV-7 330 Swoop Bike
SV-8 C-PH Patrol Speeder Bike
SV-9 AT-Hauler
Smooth Sayings
SS-1 I Got This
SS-2 Chewie Is My Copilot
SS-3 Just Be Charming
SS-4 We're Doing This My Way
SS-5 Kessel Crew
SS-6 Just Trust Us
SS-7 Smooth & Sophisticated
SS-8 Double-Crossing No-Good Swindler
A-JS Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca
A-JSC Joonas Suotamo as Chewbacca
A-WD Warwick Davis as Weazel
A-DT Dee Tails as Quay Tolsite
A-AJ Andrew Jack, Voice Of Moloch
A-IK Ian Kenny as Rebolt
A-AF Anna Francolini as Imperial Border Guard
A-AW Andrew Woodall as Imperial Recruitment Officer
A-DA Derek Arnold as Argus "Six Eyes" Panox
A-AC Aidan Cook as Aemon Grimm
Dual Autographs
DA-JS Andrew Jack & Joonas Suotamo
DA-SA Joonas Suotamo & Derek Arnold
DA-JA Andrew Jack & Derek Arnold
DA-SD Joonas Suotamo & Warwick Davis
Triple Autographs
TA-SDA Joonas Suotamo, Warwick Davis, & Derek Arnold
TA-SJA Joonas Suotamo, Andrew Jack, & Derek Arnold
Patch Cards
MP-HSH Han Solo - Han Solo Patch
MP-QH Qi'ra - Han Solo Patch
MP-LCH Lando Calrissian - Han Solo Patch
MP-CH Chewbacca - Han Solo Patch
MP-BH Beckett - Han Solo Patch
MP-VH Val - Han Solo Patch
MP-ENH Enfys Nest - Han Solo Patch
MP-MH Moloch - Han Solo Patch
MP-HM Han Solo - Millennium Falcon Patch
MP-QC Qi'ra - Millennium Falcon Patch
MP-LM Lando Calrissian - Millennium Falcon Patch
MP-LH L3-37 - Millennium Falcon Patch
MP-R2M R2-F1P - Millennium Falcon Patch
MP-HSC Han Solo - Chewbacca Patch
MP-CC Chewbacca - Chewbacca Patch
MP-VC Val - Chewbacca Patch
MP-SS Stormtrooper - Stormtrooper Patch
MP-MS Mimban Stormtrooper - Stormtrooper Patch
MP-TS TIE Fighter Pilot - Stormtrooper Patch
MP-IS Imperial Fleet Trooper - Stormtrooper Patch
MP-RS R5-PHT - Stormtrooper Patch
MP-ME Enfys Nest - Enfys Nest Patch
MP-EE Mimbanese Soldier - Enfys Nest Patch
MP-MM Moloch - Moloch Patch
MP-RM Rebolt - Moloch Patch
MP-FR Range Trooper - Range Trooper Patch
Patch Cards (Target)
TP-HG Han Solo - Han Solo Silhouette Patch
TP-QG Qi'Ra - Han Solo Silhouette Patch
TP-LCG Lando Calrissian - Han Solo Silhouette Patch
TP-CG Chewbacca - Han Solo Silhouette Patch
TP-LG L3-37 - Han Solo Silhouette Patch
Sketch Card Artists
Jeff Abar
Ben AbuSaada
Jason Adams
Jennifer Allyn
Thomas Amici
Laura Atkinson
Norvierto Basio
Jerry Bennett
Tina Berardi
Brandon Blevins
Joshua Bommer
Lee Brown
John Bruce
Carlos Cabaleiro
Neil Camera
Patricio Carrasco
Keith Carter
Başak Çetinkaya
Kevin Cleveland
Charlie Cody
Sebastian Cortez
Jamie Cosley
Carolyn Craggs
Kaela Croft
Ryan Crosby
Dan Curto
Nicholas Dertinger
John DiBiase
Garrett Dix
Louise Draper
Dean Drummond
Andy Duggan
Marcia Dye
Nolan Dykstra
Brett Farr
Rees Finlay
Ryan Finley
Dave Fowler
Andrew Fry
Steve Fuchs
Humberto Fuentes Navarro
Jude Gallagher
Gerard Garcia Jr.
Shane Garvey
Aleksandar Gigov
Mick and Matt Glebe
Ben Goddard
Sammy Gomez
Fredd Gorham
Dan Gorman
Dennis Gortakowski
Kevin Graham
Allen Grimes
Ingrid Hardy
Adam Harris
Phil Hassewer
Kevin Hawkins
Robert Hendrickson
Jessica Hickman
Kyle Hickman
Brad Hudson
Lee Hunt
Eli Hyder
Darren James
George Joseph
Nick Justus
Frank Kadar
Nathan Kennett
Caleb King
Travis Kinnison
Matt Langford
Erin Lefler
Eric Lehtonen
Kevin Liell
Andrew Lopez
Ian MacDougall
Erik Maell
Jordan Maison
Jay Manchand
Laura Martin
Michael Mastermaker
Jon McKenzie
Jason Miller
Alex Mines
Solly Mohamed
Rich Molinelli
Logan Monette
Nathan Ohlendorf
Ryan Olsen
Jim O'Riley
Chris O'Riley
Rey Paez
Marsha Parkins
Kris Penix
Darrin Pepe
Allysa Pirone
John Pleak
Ashleigh Popplewell
Bill Pulkovski
Brendan Purchase
Brandon Pyle
David Rabbitte
Brent Ragland
Michelle Rayner
Jamie Richards
Dylan Riley
Rodney Roberts
Gary Rudisill
Kurt Ruskin
Omar Salinas
Ryan Santos
Chad Scheres
Brent Scotchmer
Richard Serrao
Mayumi Seto
Anil Sharma
Ward Silverman
Tod Smith
Jason Sobol
Matthew Stewart
John Still
Mark Stroud
Stephanie Swanger
Chris Thorne
Phillip Trujillo
Huy Truong
Wayne Tully
Brad Utterstrom
Trent Westbrook
Eric White
Chris Willdig
Adam Worton
Clinton Yeager