Topps - US - Countdown to Solo (2018)

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Released just prior to the theatrical release of Solo, this set was only available online with a new card released daily, this set was a bit pricey, but the limited printing made it a true card collecting rarity.

Special thanks to Darth Ozzer for his help with this list.

Card Values
  set value: ??

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Base Cards (Card Count)
01Han Solo & The Millenium Falcon (536)
02Lando Calrissian Plays The Game (281)
03Moloch & Stormtroopers (223)
04Beckett & Val in the Trenches (257)
05Dryden Vos Makes A Point (249)
06Beckett and Solo on the Battlefield (291)
07Lando and Han on Kessel(293)
08Val Under Cover (244)
09Qi'Ra and Dryden Vos (266)
10Han and Beckett Confer (211)
11Beckett & Chewbacca On The Falcon (247)
12Everyone's in on the game (231)
13Guards At The Door (239)
14Argus "Six-Eyes" Panox (243)
15Han Interrogated by Troopers (234)
16Beckett In The Snow (239)
17In The Den of the White Worms (241)
18At The Kessel Spice Mines (236)
19Qi'Ra and the Capes (302)
20Mining Droids in the Control Room (238)
21Quay Tolshite (277)
22At Dryden Vos' Party (249)
23Chewbacca At The Controls (312)
24Stormtroopers on Corellia (252)
25Han On The Millennium Falcon (303)