Topps – Star Wars Galaxy 6 (2011)


The Galaxy cards seem to be a never ending franchise now for Topps, and yet, they don't seem to grow old. The cards remain fan and collector favorites, with something new to be discovered almost with every card. It is not uncommon to find the art work from the Galaxy card series base cards presented on facebook or other sites as simply artwork. The base cards remain incredible in their variety and creativity. While some cards will not appeal to everyone, generally speaking, every person will find some cards that they love and enjoy. Card backs also continue to be interesting, with background information and artist information that simply isn't found anywhere else in the Star Wars community.

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Base Cards
2The Death of Kai Justiss
3A Sad Farewell
4The Fallen Gungan
5The Myrkr Forest
6Reflections on Endor
7The Dangers of Felucia
8The Solitary Wicket
9Jedi-to-Jedi Chat
10The Terror of Talon
11Spectral Witnesses
12Gamorrean Guard
13The Nightsister
14The Charge of Thrawn
15Offbeat Buddies
16In Fun and War
17A Job Well Done
18Watto the Betrayer
19The Darkest Lord
20We Are Bearing Gifts
21An Alternative to Hoth
22The Boarding Party
23Master and Commander Keelyvine Reus and Commander Ganch
24Curiosity Zaps Threepio
25Fall of a Jedi
26The End of Darth Plagueis
27Princess of Destruction
28Keeping It All in the Family
29What a Woman!
30Boba's Prize
31Darth Vader
32Clash of the Bounty Hunters
33Ahsoka Kicks Metal Butt
34Preparation of the Droids
35Journey to the Needles
36Secura's Grace
37(Mostly) Unsung Hero
38Inside a Complex Hero
39Rancor Ranks Best of Beasts
41Vigilant Watch
42The Memory Remains
44The Fighter
46Daring Escape
47Logaray's Hunt
48Peace and Love, Man!
49Seeing Without Eyes
50Fate of a Slave Dancer
51The Birth of Evil
52Tool Time
53Jungle Fury
54 The Good, the Bad and the Imperial
55 Who's Running This Show?
56 Cellblock Blasters!
57 Hope Springs Eternal
58 Revenge and Retribution
59 Destroy the Death Star!
60 The Hard Sell
61 Brotherhood of the Blade
62 In the Beginning
63 A Long Time Ago…
64 In a Galaxy Far, Far Away…
65 No Shields, All Guts
66 The Dagobah Scene
67 Scrap Yard Power Droid
68 Face of a Raider
69 Salacious Attacks!
70 On Dewback Patrol
71 Soul of the Galaxy
72 Encounter on Dagobah
73 Bounty Acquired
74 Master Versus Pupil
75 In-Your-Face Wookie
76 Red Squandron Assembled
77 Secret Lord of Dagobah
78 Unhappy New Arrival
79 Sandtrooper Plus
80 Hidden Horrors of Hoth
81 Reunion on Endor
82 Dual Saber Showdown
83 The Secret Apprentice
84 Conronting Yoda
85 Gripped by Force Lightning
86 Unleashing the Force
87 Starkiller's Challenge
88 Rescue at Bespin
89 Face of a Jedi Master
90 Anakin's Universe
91 Daring Aerial Raid
92 The Darkest Shadows
93 The Weak-Minded
94 Lightsaber Wielders
95 A Wookie's World
96 At War with the Empire
97 Hardware in Space
98 Let the Games Begin
99 To Rescue a Princess
100 Sith Vixen
101 Rampage of the Walkers
102 Ackbar's Plan of Attack
103 Two for the High Road
104 Can Solo Be Saved?
105 Can Vader Be Stopped?
106 Will Fett Be Thwarted?
107 A Jedi in Jabba's Court
108 The Reluctant Farmboy
109 The Challenge of Darth Maul
110 Podrace Pandemonium
111 To Serve and Protect…
112 Orders to Exterminate
113 Boba and Bossk
114 Aquatic Jedi
115 The Darkest Apprentice
116 Jettster at Work
117 The Beckoning
118 Face Behind the Mask
119 King of the Monsters
120 Checklist
Etched Foil
1 Aurra Sing
2 Boba Fett
3 Jango Fett
4 Greedo
5 Boushh
6 IG-88
Foil - Silver Bronze & Gold
1 Luke Skywalker
2 Qui-Gon Jinn
3 Darth Maul
4 Greedo
5 Han Solo
6 Jango Fett
7 Lando Calrissian
8 Princess Leia
9 Boba Fett
10 Darth Vader
Animation Cel
1 Luke Skywalker Dave Baker
2 Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi
3 Darth Vader and Princess Leia
4 Stormtroopers and C3P0
5 Stormtroopers
6 C3P0
7 Darth Vader
8 C3P0 and R2-D2
9 Jawas
Sketch Cards
Costume Card
Fan Club Yoda and Luke
Leia Promo