Topps – Star Wars Galaxy 5 (2010)


Issued in late February 2010, and available in stores beginning in March 2010, this card set continues the Star Wars Galaxy franchise. Star Wars Galaxy cards feature original artwork by well known, and lesser known Star Wars artists. Cards typically cover topics of interest to the artists, reproductions of production artwork, poster artwork, and commercial artwork. Star Wars Galaxy takes Star Wars beyond the every day images we see with Star Wars. Collectors have always enjoyed the Star Wars Galaxy card sets because of the wonderful artwork, and the excellent information included on the card backs.

Only in a Star Wars Galaxy card set will you see a King Kong Ewok, Leia as an X-Wing pilot, or an enlistment poster featuring Darth Vader. The sheer scope of a Star Wars Galaxy card set is a reminder of the fun of Star Wars, and the joy that fans take in the fullness of the universe created by George Lucas.

Star Wars Galaxy Five is not simply a new entry into the Galaxy collection, it connects to earlier card sets and expands their reach. Each card is numbered with both a number from this set, and a number reflecting where it fits in the overall Galaxy universe (if numbering had continued from set 1 through 5). Card 1 in Galaxy 5 is therefore also card 486 in the overall Galaxy set. Chase cards also continue themes originally developed in the first Galaxy card sets. Etched foil cards create a continuing montage. These etched foil cards feature artwork by Joe Coroney and Brian Miller with scenes inspired by The Empire Strikes Back. Fifteen Foil Art Cards feature character images against a silver background, with parallel cards on a copper background, and another parallel set with a gold background in limited numbers (stamped #/770).

Lost Galaxy cards (red stamped instead of silver stamped) feature images not previously used, but created for the original Galaxy series.

As with the Galaxy Four card set, and most card sets issued in recent years, the card set also includes original sketch cards. A large group of artists produced cards for this set, including cards in the Manga style. Sketch cards were available one per box. Manga sketch cards are marked 'manga sketch card' on the front and had a different card back from 'regular' sketch cards. A smaller number of shaped sketch cards (cards cut in the style of either Vader's helmet or a Clone Trooper helmet) were also inserted into packs. Some sketch cards were drawn with a red color theme, and were inserted exclusively into packs of cards sold at Target (at a much lower rate than sketch cards for the hobby set). Printing plates have also been inserted as chase cards in a small quantity. Retail card packs have different odds for chase cards, but do not otherwise differ from hobby packs.

Hobby packaging included a display box where cards were positioned in three rows, tilted to allow easy access for shelf sales. A point of sale poster topped the inside of each box for store display in card shops. The poster features the same artwork found on the card box. Artwork features Vader, and character montage, with a fire burst in the center containing the Star Wars Galaxy Series Five logo. All wrappers featured a single design of Luke and Leia. Both the Hobby box and Hobby wrapper feature a letter H in a circle.

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Card NumberDescription
1Star Wars Galaxy 5
2The New Queen's Fitting
3Ewok Kong
4You Will Become a Jedi
5We'll Take Him Together
6Battle For The Republic
7I Have the High Ground
8You Can't Win, Darth
9One With the Force
10Princess Leia Organa
11Mara Jade
12Asajj Ventress
13Padme Amidala
15Aayla Secura
16Female X-Wing Pilot
17Ahsoka Tano
18Republic: Unite
19Rebellion: Celebrate
20New Republic: Together
21Enlist Today
22Loose Lips
23Rebuild the Death Star
25Palpatine Plays Possum
27Vader's Brutal Interrogation
28Asajj and Anakin
29Tension in the Force
30Han's Detective Skills
31Luke's Ground Assault
32Surveyed by the Dark Lord
33Wampa Breakfast
34Frigid Disappearance
35The Battle of Hoth
36Sandtrooper Patrol
37Loser Buys...
38Wuher's Domain
39Deal Gone Bad
40Mos Eisley Cantina
41Undercover Jedi
42Blasting Falcon
43Dealt in Han's Favor
44The Great Escape
45Dagobah Landing
46Trial by Empire
47Lightsaber Construction
48Tatooine Trading
49Endor Chase
50The Flame of Fett
51Star Wars: 1917
52Star Wars: 1927
53Star Wars: 1937
54Star Wars: 1947
55In Evil's Service
56Recruiting Poster
57Leia vs. the Empire
58Best of Both Worlds
59Born to be Bad
60Fated to Suffer
61Heart of the Saga
62The Original Epic
63Rebel Hero #1
64Wrath of Vader
65The Slave Princess
66The New Hopers
67Bounty Hunters
68Powers of the Force
69Han and Chewie
70Luke Skywalker
71The Evil Empire
72Obi-Wan Kenobi
73Leia and Han
74Anakin Skywalker
75Master Jedi
76Galactic Underworld
77Clone Troopers
78Freedom Fighters
79Vive Le Jedi
80Comic Art of France
81The Incredible Drew Struzan
82In Pursuit of Fett
83Red Squadron
84Luke's Vision
86On Tatooine
87Death and Life
88Hero to the Max
89Armored and Dangerous
90Anakin's Galaxy
91Leia Means Business
92The Jedi Beam On
93A Universe Expanding
94Mandalorian Lore
95Unseen McQuarrie (A)
96Unseen McQuarrie (B)
97Vision 2010 (A)
98Vision 2010 (B)
99Vision 2010 (C)
100The Gangs All Here
101A Man Called Solo
102The Completed Circle
103The Heroes of Hoth
104Here Comes Trouble!
105Frozen, Encased and Alive!
106Jabba's World
107Leia As We Love Her
108A Fateful Gamble
109The Invisible Threat
110Into the Temple
111Armed and Dangerous
112Sith Infiltration
113Brutal Galactic Conflict
114Sith Acolyte
115Jedi Killer
116In Defense of the Temple
117Clash of the Foils
118Eye to Eye
119Jedi Temple Attacked
120Checklist [Character Montage]
Etched Foil Cards
1 of 6Luke and Han
2 of 6Vader and Battle Scene
3 of 6Yoda, R2, Ghost Obi-Wan
4 of 6Leia, Lando, Cloud City
5 of 6Vader and Luke Battle
6 of 6Bounty Hunters
Foil Art Cards (Silver/Copper/Gold)
1 of 15Anakin
2 of 15Boba Fett
3 of 15Chewbacca
4 of 15Count Dooku
5 of 15Darth Maul
6 of 15Han Solo
7 of 15Lando
8 of 15Luke
9 of 15Younger Obi-Wan
10 of 15Padme
11 of 15The Emperor
12 of 15Leia
13 of 15Qui-Gon Jinn
14 of 15Darth Vader
15 of 15Yoda
Lost Galaxy Cards
1 of 5The Skywalker Flame
2 of 5Coronation of Evil
3 of 5The Rancor Keeper
4 of 5Thrawn Tactics
5 of 5Behind Death Star Doors
Various Sketch Cards / Shaped Sketch Cards