Topps – US – The Clone Wars: Rise of the Bounty Hunters (2010)

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Featuring images from Season 2 of The Clone Wars cartoon. Sketch Cards were 1 per Hobby Box, and the set also included numbered parallels, Silver Foils were #/100 and Gold Foils were 1/1.

Card Values

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Base Set
Silver Foil Parallel (stamped #/100)
Gold Foil Parallel (stamped 1/1)
1Rise of the Bounty Hunters
2Plo Koon in Space
3Bane's Bold Move
4Stealing Their Secrets
5Cato Apprehended
6The Torture of Bolla
7Courageous Assault!
8The Power of Rex
9The Stolen Holocron
10Battle Scars
11Abduction of the Innocent
12The Young Adept
13Springing the Trap!
14Padmé's Plan
15Lover or Enemy?
16An Old Enemy
17In the Arms of Clovis
18Poggle the Lesser
19Return to Geonosis
20An Improvised Attack
21Dealing in Fire
22Surveying the Battle
23The Master's Assault
24A Fateful Decision
25Master and Apprentice
26A Grim Report
27A Monstrous Surprise
28The Worm Turns
29Poggle's Prisoner
30Brain Invaders
31Night of the Undead
32The Mind Benders
33Barriss' Transformation
34Grievous' Attack
35To Rescue a Jedi
37Another Grievous Battle
38Grievous' Cruelty
39A Warm Welcome?
40Jedi Assault
41A Clone in Defense
42Starting the Search
43A Desperate Padawan
44To Catch a Thief
45A Thief's Cowardice
46The Mandalore Plot
47A Deceptive Duchess?
48Conspiracy on Concordia
49Behold: The Darksaber
50A Fruitless Search?
51Of Passion and Peril
52A Traitor among Them
53A Safe Arrival
54Duchess of Mandalore
55The Duchess Revealed!
56Satine's Desperation
57Jedi vs. Mandalorian
58Padmé's Plea
59Padmé's Investigation
60The Invisible Enemy
61Funeral for a Friend
62Admiral Trench
63New Weapon, Old Foe
64The Fall of Trench
65The Invincible's End
66The World of Felucia
67Unexpected Protectors
68Pirate Attack!
69Freeing the Farm
70The Dug Dilemma
71After the Bomb...?
72Monster from the Past
73Battling the Beast
74The Great Escape
75The Behemoth Walks
76Creature of Destruction
77The Professor Flees
78Here's Lucky!
79The Mysterious Newbie
80Fett's Daring Assault
81A Dark Fate
82Gundark Patrol
83Boxed-In by Boba
84Friends or Foes?
85A Jedi Rescue
86Boba's Challenge
87Slave I
88An Unusual Success
89Aurra Sing Caught?
Flix Pix Lenticular Motion Cards
1 of 5(clone warriors)
2 of 5(Pre Vizsla)
3 of 5(Obi-Wan Kenobi)
4 of 5(Anakin or Padmé)
5 of 5(Ahsoka)
Foil Character Cards
1 of 20Anakin Skywalker
2 of 20Ahsoka Tano
3 of 20Obi-Wan Kenobi
4 of 20Plo Koon
5 of 20Yoda
6 of 20General Grievous
7 of 20Ki-Adi-Mundi
8 of 20Mace Windu
9 of 20Padmé Amidala
10 of 20Cad Bane
11 of 20Aurra Sing
12 of 20Bossk
13 of 20Captain Rex
14 of 20Commander Cody
15 of 20Boba Fett
16 of 20Pre Vizsla
17 of 20Luminara Unduli
18 of 20C-3PO and R2-D2
19 of 20Barriss Offee
20 of 20Satine Kryze
Cel Cards
Promo Cards
Sketch Cards
Animator Sketch Cards