Topps - US - The Clone Wars: Movie (2008)


While 2008 started the year with a Star Wars card set by a company that was not Topps, and a card set that was not entirely Star Wars (The Family Guy), the Summer of Star Wars is being kicked off with a fun Topps card set that is all Star Wars. Continuing their tradition of creating a set with separate chase cards for the Hobby and Retail market, Topps has created a friendly 90 card base set that covers the plot of the animated film with chase cards that capture the dynamics of the animation. Movie Cell cards highlight the strong animation in a way that uses card technology nicely. These chase cards are fully plastic, and use nearly the full card to display a scene from the film. Illuminated from behind, they are a bright image and a great chase card. For the Hobby set, collectors can also find foil parallel cards. Unfortunately, these are serially numbered, with only 205 of each card available. While this created the potential for 205 collectors to build full parallel sets of Clone Wars in foil format (only slightly shinnier than the standard card), these cards are not special enough to be an exciting find when pulled from the pack, and many collectors may opt to not collect these. The other Hobby chase card is the now ever present sketch card. While 19 of the film's animators contributed to the sketch cards in limited numbers, the majority of the cards are drawn by artists not affiliated with the film. With a fully animated film, this leaves artists immitating a style that isn't their own in some cases.

The Retail card set has more chase card types than the Hobby set. In addition to the great Cell cards, Retail packs may contain Motion Cards or Foil Cards. At Toys R Us, Walmart and Target, shoppers can also find Bonus Boxes of the cards that come with collectible coins. With 2 coins per box, it may take some effort to collect all 36 available coins. Still, opening packs of Retail cards may have more 'fun' value since there are more types of chase cards to hunt for, and the Motion cards are a fun card type. Foil cards have simply become too common in many card sets as base cards to remain very interesting as chase cards.

Card backs for this card set may disappoint many collectors. Although they contain some additional imagery, card backs essentially spell out the plot of the film. Additional information, interviews with animators or directors, and interesting details about the film won't be found here. Card backs limit themselves to briefly outlining the plot at that point in the story and nothing more. With only 90 cards, the card sets sketches an outline of the film, hitting major plot points, but failing to capture the drama of the fight sequences, and some of the more subtle points in the film may be over summarized here.

On the whole, the card set is fun, with reasonable image selection. With an often dense screen and hyperactive style, the film is difficult to capture in card format, and Topps has made some good choices for capturing the essence of the major plot points.

Special thanks to Kristie Rock for help with the checklist for this set.

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Base Set - Numbered Foil Parallel Set #/205
1The Clone Wars: An Animated Adventure
2Anakin Skywalker
3Ahsoka Tano
4Obi-Wan Kenobi
5Padme Amidala
6Captain Rex
8Chancellor Palpatine
9Commander Cody
10Asajj Ventress
11Count Dooku
12General Loathsom
13Jabba The Hutt
14Ziro The Hutt
15Rotta The Huttlet
19A Galaxy Divided
20Clash on Christophsis
21Attack of the Clones
22Patterns of Force
23Octuptarra Peril
24Loathsom's New Ploy
25The New Padawan
26Battle of Crystal City
27Jedi in the Fray
28Destroying a Droid
29A Bold Deception
30Crossing the Lines
31Against a Destroyer Droid
32Smashing the Enemy
33The Surrender of Obi-Wan
34Space Armada
35Ready..or Reckless?
36Droid Trouble
37Triumph of the Jedi
38The Shield is Down!
39Heroes Assembled
40Galactic Struggle
41An Unlikely Alliance
42The Rescue Mission
43Droid Blasters
44Tank Girl
45Unstoppable Advance
46Inside Teth Castle
47Dooku's Deception
48Rescued or Kidnapped?
49Heroes Under Fire
50Restraining Rex
51An Escape Route Blasted
52Vulture Droid Attack
53Little Girl, Big Challenge
55Attack From Space
56In Vulture's Shadow
57Towering Terror
58A Message From Ventress
59Rex on the Rampage
60Terrors of Teth
61A Leap for Life
62Ventress Cuts Through
63Ahsoka's Greatest Challenge
64The Winged Rescuer
65"Why You Tin-Plated Traitor!"
66Fury of the Republic
67Attack and Retreat
68Kenobi vs. Ventress
69Dark Forces of Dooku
70Hold On, Ahsoka!
71Unlikely Shipmates
72Concern on Coruscant
73Padme's Plan
74Memories of Tatooine
75Ziro's Vile Scheme
76Jailed...But Not for Long!
77Power of the Dark Count
78Force Against Force
79Clash of the Titans
80No Rest for Ahsoka!
81A Padawan Imperiled?
82Ahsoka Rules!
83Ziro Surrounded
84Anakin to the Rescue
85Desperately Seeking Ahsoka
86Return of the Huttlet
87His Nasty Plot Revealed
88Hope and Fear
89Clone War Victory
Animation Cel Cards
1Taking Aim
2Battle on Christophsis
3The New Master & Apprentice
4The March of Asajj Ventress
5Testing Ahsoka's Skill
6Heroes For the Republic
7Saber Slashing the Droideka
8Master and Apprentice Reunited
9Preparing for Galactic Civil War
10Meeting with the Masters
Foil Cards (Retail Exclusive)
5Clone Trooper
Motion Cards (Retail Exclusive)
1 of 5Ahsoka in Lightsaber Battle
2 of 5Anakin & Ahsoka
3 of 5Anakin
4 of 5Anakin jumping to Hyperspace
5 of 5Asajj vs. Anakin
Red Animation Cel Cards (Target Retail Exclusive)
unnumberedAhsoka's Learning Curve
unnumberedThe Hand of Evil
unnumberedAnakin in Battle
unnumberedThe Battle in Space
unnumberedThe Power of Obi-Wan
Blue Animation Cel Cards (Walmart Retail Exclusive)
unnumberedThe Buddy System
unnumberedThe Clone Assault
unnumberedFury of the Sith
unnumberedThe Mighty Count Dooku
unnumberedObi-Wan Takes to the Skies
Target, Toys 'R' Us & Wal-Mart Exclusive Bonus Box Coins
Target (Red Border), Walmart (Blue), Toys 'R' Us (Yellow)
1 of 12Anakin Skywalker
2 of 12Ahsoka Tano
3 of 12Obi-Wan Kenobi
4 of 12Asajj Ventress
5 of 12Yoda
6 of 12Padme Amidala
7 of 12C-3PO & R2-D2
8 of 12Chancellor Palpatine
9 of 12Clone Captain Rex
10 of 12Count Dooku
11 of 12Commander Cody
12 of 12Jabba The Hutt
Promo Cards
P2(San Diego Comic Con 2008)
Sketch Cards