Panini – UK and Europe – Clone Wars Staks (2008)


Star Wars, The Clone Wars Staks are collectable square magnets manufactured by Panini. As these are magnets, one can obviuosly stak these (hence the name), trade or use for playing the Star Wars; The Clone Wars game. Starter packs included a binder for the Staks, as well as a gameboard to use with the game. The gameboard consists of 5 different areas, with players taking it in turns to throw the staks. Depending on where your staks fall you either win or lose a number of staks. Each pack of Staks contains 3 staks; 2 staks and 1 'megastak' (which is no larger than the others, but have areas of refraction). A checklist of all 150 staks are also included in these packs of Staks.

Many thanks to Michael Aunsholt for providing this information

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