Topps - US - Star Wars 30th Anniversary (2007)


With the 30th anniversary of Star Wars, the Topps company put many card collectors through a brief scare by announcing the sale of the publicly held company to private investors. Though rumored for many months, this made many collectors doubt that a 30th anniversary set for Star Wars would actually be released. Fortunately, the set had been in planning for a long time, and the promotional card for the set was released shortly after the company's sale announcement.

The Topps 30th Anniversary set promises to use only images that have not appeared in earlier Topps card sets. A total of 120 cards will comprise the base set, with a variety of chase cards available. Chase cards will include Autograph cards (hobby edition only), Sketch cards (hobby edition only), red foil-stamped parallel cards, sequentially-numbered gold foil-stamped parallel cards, and die-cut triptych puzzle cards. The common cards will be printed on heavy card stock and feature metallic ink and foil stamping as well.

Of course, with a 30th anniversary set, the true test of the set for collectors may well be the quality of the image selection, and the quality of the text featured on the backs of the cards. These cards need to inspire nostalgia for a generation that grew up with Star Wars, while also inspiring newer collectors and fans.

Special thanks to Kristie for help with the checklist.

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Card NumberCard Name
1Title Card
2George Lucas Tribute
3Characters: C-3PO & R2-D2
4Characters: Luke Skywalker
5Characters: Han Solo
6Characters: Princess Leia
7Characters: Obi-Wan Kenobi
8Characters: Darth Vader
9Characters: Chewbacca
10A New Hope: The Blockade Runner Raid
11A New Hope: Luke's Moment of Truth
12A New Hope: Patrons of the Cantina
13A New Hope: First Impressions of Han
14A New Hope: Blowing up Alderaan
15A New Hope: Rescued from the Death Star
16A New Hope: Ben's Duel with Darth Vader
17A New Hope: Rebel Raid on the Death Star
18A New Hope: Honoring Great Heroes
19The Empire Strikes Back: The Perils of Planet Hoth
20The Empire Strikes Back: An Awkward Triangle
21The Empire Strikes Back: The Imperial Snow Walkers
22The Empire Strikes Back: Chasing the Millenium Falcon
23The Empire Strikes Back: Introducing Yoda
24The Empire Strikes Back: Enter Fett, Exit Innocence
25The Empire Strikes Back: Betrayel on Bespin
26The Empire Strikes Back: "I Love You"…"I Know"
27The Empire Strikes Back: The Dark Truth Revealed
28Return of the Jedi: Jabba's Rebel Prisoners
29Return of the Jedi: Pitted against the Rancor
30Return of the Jedi: The Prison Barge Besieged
31Return of the Jedi: A New Attack Plan
32Return of the Jedi: The Speeder Bike Chase
33Return of the Jedi: The Ultimate Weapon
34Return of the Jedi: Father and Son Clash
35Return of the Jedi: Destroying the Death Star
36Return of the Jedi: Celebrate and Closure
37Special Editions: Escape from Mos Eisley
38Special Editions: Inside the Cantina
39Special Editions: Han: Hero or Scoundrel
40Special Editions: Threat of the Wampa
41Special Editions: Conferring with the Emperor
42Special Editions: Arriving on Bespin
43Special Editions: Performing for Jabba
44Special Editions: A New Beginning
45Special Editions: Back from Beyond
46The Phantom Menace: Jedi and Padawan
47The Phantom Menace: Aquatic Adventure
48The Phantom Menace: Assault on the Queen
49The Phantom Menace: Meeting Anakin Skywalker
50The Phantom Menace: The Podrace
51The Phantom Menace: Before the Jedi Council
52The Phantom Menace: Against the Enemy
53The Phantom Menace: Challenge of Darth Maul
54The Phantom Menace: Jedi Vs.Sith
55Attack of the Clones: Nabbing a Bounty Hunter
56Attack of the Clones: Obi Wan's Quest
57Attack of the Clones: Anakin Comes Home
58Attack of the Clones: The Asteriod Chade
59Attack of the Clones: The Dark Side Unleashed
60Attack of the Clones: Against Arena Creatures
61Attack of the Clones: Combatting Dooku's Forces
62Attack of the Clones: Battle of Geonosis
63Attack of the Clones: Yoda Vs. Dooku
64Revenge of the Sith: Rescuing Palpatine
65Revenge of the Sith: The Death of Dooku
66Revenge of the Sith: Secret of the Young Lovers
67Revenge of the Sith: Obi-Wan vs. Grievious
68Revenge of the Sith: Day of the Sith
69Revenge of the Sith: Slaugther of the Jedi
70Revenge of the Sith: Yoda Vs. Palpatine
71Revenge of the Sith: Obi-Wan Vs. Anakin
72Revenge of the Sith: And Now…Darth Vader
73Behind the Scenes: Filming Han and Greedo
74Behind the Scenes: Directing Screen Legends
75Behind the Scenes: The Creatures of Hoth
76Behind the Scenes: Muppets and Merriment
77Behind the Scenes: A Slave to Art
78Behind the Scenes: The Filmmaker's Vision
79Behind the Scenes: Return of the Director
80Behind the Scenes: Fight School
81Behind the Scenes: The Great Betrayal
82Special FX: Major FX moments
83Special FX: The Death Star Raid
84Special FX: The Snow Walker Attack
85Special FX: The Asteriod Slug
86Special FX: Jabba and his Cohorts
87Special FX: Speeder Bike Set-Ups
88Special FX: Taking the Plunge
89Special FX: The Halls of Kamino
90Special FX: Spectacular Conflict
91TV Live-Action: The Holiday Special
92TV Live-Action: Old and New Friends
93TV Live-Action: Home For a Holiday
94TV Live-Action: The Ewok Adventures
95TV Live-Action: Blurgg Lizard Challenge
96TV Live-Action: Against The Marauders
97TV Live-Action: Charal the Nightsister
98TV Live-Action: Young Heroes on a Quest
99TV Live-Action: Fighting the Condor Dragon
100TV Animation: Introducing Boba Fett
101TV Animation: Mysterious Bounty Hunter
102TV Animation: "Ewoks"
103TV Animation: "Droids"
104TV Animation: The Jedi United
105TV Animation: Mace Windu Attacks
106TV Animation: The Saga Continues
107TV Animation: A Face in the Crowd
108TV Animation: Trouble on the Way
109Deleted Scenes: At the Power Station
110Deleted Scenes: "Wasting Time" With Pals
111Deleted Scenes: The Destiny of Biggs
112Deleted Scenes: An Unexpected Attack
113Deleted Scenes: A Strangling That Wasn't
114Deleted Scenes: Powers of the Royal Guard
115Deleted Scenes: Clever Inspirations
116Deleted Scenes: A Force Called George Lucas
117Deleted Scenes: Welcome to my World
118Sneak Preview: The Star Wars Galaxy and Beyond
119Sneak Preview: New Animation.
120Check List
Chase Cards
Red Parallel Cards 1-120
Blue Parallel Cards 1-120
Gold Parallel Cards 1-120 (30 of each)
Tryptich Puzzle Cards (27 cards - 9 themes)
Insurmountable OddsPiece 1, 2, 3
BraveryPiece 1, 2, 3
TyrannyPiece 1, 2, 3
Hidden in Plain SightPiece 1, 2, 3
Escaping FatePiece 1, 2, 3
The UnderworldPiece 1, 2, 3
Master and ApprenticePiece 1, 2, 3
ImprisonmentPiece 1, 2, 3
The Power of the ForcePiece 1, 2, 3
Retail Exclusive Chase Cards
The Smuggler, Han Solo!
Battle over the Death Star
The Droids in the Control Room
Luke prepares for battle
The Tusken Raider
The Fearsome Stormtroopers
Darth Vader and Gov. Tarkin Confer
Jawas of Tatoinne
Princess Leia observes the battle!
Animation Cel Clear Cards
1 of 9Boba Fett's first appearance (Holiday Special)
2 of 9Our Heroes Enjoy a Laugh (Holiday Special)
3 of 9C-3P0 and R2-D2 (Droids)
4 of 9Stars of the Ewok Adventures
5 of 9Ki-Adi Mundi tends to Shak-Ti (Clone Wars)
6 of 9Anakin Blends In (Clone Wars)
7 of 9Yoda makes a startling discovery (Clone Wars)
8 of 9Battle Ready Mace Windu (Clone Wars)
9 of 9Heroes of the Republic (Clone Wars)
Retail Blister Pack Bonus Cards
1 of 3Han
2 of 3Luke
3 of 3Leia
Hobby Exclusive Chase Cards
Artist Sketches
Artist NameOdds
Official Autograph Cards