Topps/Lego - US - Lego Star Wars II Promotional Game Cards (2006)


One of the most popular games for 2005 was the Star Wars Lego game. In 2006, Star Wars Lego II was released and heavily promoted. To encourage buyers to shop at their store over others, the game store, FYE offered collectors who pre-ordered the game a pack of 12 special collector cards. Each pack contained 12 collector cards and two 'header' cards.

For card collectors, this would seem like a great deal, until you opened the pack and discovered that the card set actually contained 15 cards and you only receive 12 in a pack! Unless you had a need to pre-order two copies of the game, your chances of ending up with a complete set of cards were pretty slim.

Fortunately for collectors there was eBay, and most collectors were able to find packs of the cards for sale there. Even so, completing a set generally involved some trading, and it wasn't an inexpensive set to collect.

Still, this is really a must have set. The cards are absolutely adorable, with lego Star Wars characters combined to create funny new characters. If you are a Fett fan, how can you resist a card that combines Fett with Han Solo. These fun combinations truly capture some of the fun of the video game and are a great item for any collector.

Special thanks to Tony and to Kristie who both contributed the checklist shown below.

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UnnumberedTitle/Cover Card
1Leia C-Solo
2Boba Skysolo
3Chewbacca w/Stormtrooper Helmet
4Darth Princess Skywalker
5Darth Solo
6Grand Moff Yoda
7Greedo Solo
9Leia Sky Fett
10Palpatine Slave Trooper
11Princess Darth Solo
12Princess Storm Solo
13Princess Trooper
15Tusken Yoda