Walmart – US – Promotional Cards / Stickers (2005)


Walmart has participated in two promotional giveaways to customers for 2005, both involving giving away items at the store entry as customers come in to encourage the purchase of Star Wars merchandise. Giveaways were timed for specific dates.

The first giveaway involved 3 stickers, one for each film in the original trilogy. Stickers were given away on the same weekend that stores initially carried the DVD's for purchase. At some stores customers were given 3 stickers, and at others, a single sticker was handed out. Stickers were dispensed to stores on a large roll. Each sticker was approximately 2 inches in diameter and featured poster art from one of the three films. Stickers were available in both US and Canadian stores. Widely distributed, entire rolls and single 'sets' were sold on ebay for some time after the promotion ended.

Card Values
·  sticker set value: $1-2
·  single card value: $1-2

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