Topps – US – Revenge of the Sith (2005)


The first card set to be issued for Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, this card set is scheduled for release a full month before the film will reach theaters. As a result, don't expect this card set to reveal all of the plot elements or secrets of the film. Instead, consider this card set a teaser for what is to come, both in the film, and in upcoming sets from Topps.

While this card set might be a guaranteed big seller as fans of Star Wars gear up for the films release and enjoy the opportunity to purchase almost any product, particularly one that will reveal scenes from the film, Topps has not taken the set lightly. This is a set designed to give collectors something worth looking for. Not only will the set continue the recent trend of original sketch cards, but it introduces several other new chase card types to the Star Wars line.

Details on the set are not yet complete, and as with any card set, expect changes before the actual release date. A preliminary checklist is posted below. Beware of spoiler information in the checklist! A more complete version will be posted soon, along with a more complete description of the set.

Card Values
·  set value: $5-10
·  unopened box: $70
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $1-5 (varies by type)
·  sketch: $10 and up (varies by artist)
·  case card: $20-25

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Character Cards
1Anakin Skywalker
2Darth Vader
3Padmé Amidala
4Obi-Wan Kenobi
6Mace Windu
7Chancellor Palpatine
8Darth Sidious
9Count Dooku
10General Grievous
13Bail Organa
14C-3P0 and R2-D2
15Nute Gunray
Alliances Cards
16The Jedi
17The Sith
18The Separatists
19The Senators
20Clone Troopers
21Separatist Droids
Storyline Cards
22Jedi Knights to the Rescue
23Anakin's Daring Raid
24Battling the Buzz Droids
25Facing an Old Enemy
26Clashing with the Count
27The Fury of Dooku
28Count Dooku's Execution
29R2 Does His Part
30'What About Plan B?'
31Enter . . . General Grievous!
32Beheading a Droid
33Dueling with General Grievous
34To Fight Another Day
35Another Happy Landing!
36Dream . . . Or Premonition?
37Star-Crossed Lovers
38Seeking Yoda's Advice
39Heir to the Future
40Conferring with the Counsel
41The Secret of Eternal Life
42Obi-Wan's Plan of Attack
43Utapau on Alert
44The Rampaging Wheel
45Formidable Foes
46Vanquishing Grievous
47Arresting the Chancellor
48A Sith Lord Revealed
49Mace vs. Palpatine
50The Jedi Betrayed
51Unstoppable Clones!
52Planet of the Wookiees
53A Farewell to Friends
54The Terrible Truth
55The Sith Apprentice
56An Alliance Severed
57Slaughter of the Separatists
58His Mad Reign Begins
59Yoda's Fight for Life
60The Path I Cannot Follow
61War of the Jedi
62Brother Against Brother
63Struggle in the Senate
64The Force Unleashed!
65Consumed by the Dark Side
66Anakin's Fiery Fate
67Escaping from Palpatine
68The Birth of Luke and Leia
69More Machine Than Man
70An Alliance of Evil
71Dark Days, Brighter Tomorrows
72Saving Luke Skywalker
Planets Cards
Hardware Cards
77Buzz Droids
79Jedi Starfighters
80Arc-170 Starfighters
81Droid Tri-Fighters
Production Art
82Galactic Rescue
83Wookiee World
84Taking on the Enemy
85Showdown at Mustafar
86In Exile on Dagobah
87From Jedi to Sith
88Old Friends Revisited
89A Sage Fulfilled
Etched Foil Puzzle Cards
1Baby Luke w/Lars and Baby Leia w/Organa
2Darth Vader
3The Guild Alliance Members
5Jedi (men)
6Jedi (women)
Lenticular Morphing Cards
1Padawan Anakin to Darth Vader
2Jedi Knight (hooded) Anakin to Darth Vader
Hand-Drawn Artist Sketch Cards
various artistssee for list.
Retail Chase Cards and Stickers
1 of 10Flaming Vader Mask
2 of 10Grievous
3 of 10mini Vader, Anakin, Yoda, Chewbacca
4 of 10Jedi
5 of 10Sith w/Vader Helmet
6 of 10Darth Vader w/Helmet
7 of 10mini Yoda and Vader emblems
8 of 10Vader emblem
9 of 10Sith Lord w/Helmet
10 of 10Vader Helmet w/metal flames
Lenticular Morphing Cards
1 of 2Child Anakin to Vader
2 of 2Jedi Anakin (no hood) to Vader
1 of 10black and red helmet in flames
2 of 10stormtrooper helmet
3 of 10Vader emblem
4 of 10black and red helmet on shield
5 of 10Yoda emblem
6 of 10Sith
7 of 10Jedi
8 of 10Grievous
9 of 10Vader helmet on Imperial logo
10 of 10Sith Lord w/Vader helmet
1 of 3Yoda
2 of 3Clone Trooper
3 of 3Vader
Embossed Foil
1 of 10Lightsaber over chest below left forearm
2 of 10Lightsaber over right shoulder at ready
3 of 10Vader reaching w/fist
4 of 10Close up Vader w/saber raised
5 of 10Vader w/saber
6 of 10Head and chest in door, saber in right hand
7 of 10Saber off to right, facing camera
8 of 10Vader slashing w/saber
9 of 10close up Vader looking down
10 of 10Vader w/red background
Exclusive Tin Cover Cards
AGold with Vader Figure
BLightsaber battle
CVader framed by flames
DVader facing forward, lightsaber up
EVader left profile, lighsaber out
FDarth Sidious
Exclusive Tin Storyline Cards
1 of 6Rescuing Palpatine
2 of 6What price love?
3 of 6Battling General Grievous
4 of 6Destroy all Jedi
5 of 6At war with Darth Sidious
6 of 6Clash of the Jedi
Exclusive Blister Pack Bonus Cards
B1General Grievous
B3Clone Commando
Promotional Cards
P2Non-Sport Update, Retailers
P4Celebration III
P5Wizard magazine