Lucasfilm - US - Celebration 3 Forums Cards (2005)


The organizers of Celebration 3 have gone to great lengths to improve on previous Celebrations. This is the last release of an original Star Wars film, and the last Celebration that will be held to celebrate such a release. It has to be special. As at Celebrations past, the organizers are hosting a series of Collector's Forums, designed to allow collectors to share with would-be collectors, the joys of their particular area of interest. Many of these areas of collecting are familiar to us all (action figures anyone) but others are unique (cookie jars) or at least less familiar to the full collecting community (trading cards).

To help encourage collectors to get the most of out these forums, and to attend as many as possible, the organizers for C3 have created a collectible to go along with the forums. Attend the forums on collecting, collect a unique, fully license collectible at the same time. Luckily for card collectors, cards are one of the least expensive, and most expressive collectibles you can create. Celebration 3 creates a special card set that will be difficult, but not impossible to collect and complete.

Attending all of the collectors forums should guarantee a set to any collector with the time (not that much is actually required) to do this. Special trading opportunities will also be presented to help those who miss a presentation.

Collectors not attending the celebration will have a harder time collecting these, but expect non-card collectors to post these on ebay, or trade them away to card collectors for other stuff they need. There will be a total of 21 cards to collect. Regular visitors to this site will be most interested in obtaining the 'trading card' forum collector card. I'm told it really looks great.

Card Values
·  set value: $40
·  single: $2

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1Checklist (Rocket Fett)
2POTF coins
3Cereal Boxes
5Lunch Boxes
6Food Items
8Unproduced Toys
9Unproduced Toys
10Fast Food Displays
11Store Displays
12Action Figures
13International Toys
14International Toys
15Movie Props
16Patches & Buttons
17Trading Cards
18International Toys
19Humorous Items
20Film Memorabilia
21Cast & Crew