Topps – US – Star Wars Heritage (2004)


This Topps card set might be a long-time collector's dream set in many ways. Planned to be released at the same time as the collector's DVD set of the original trilogy, this will be the first card set that will encompass all 6 Star Wars films.

While film three will only have 'preview' images included in the set, perhaps this card set will serve as a sneak peak at some of the great possibilities to come for Star Wars cards once all 6 films are completed. Finally, card sets can be created that tell the full story, and show a character's full development.

Star Wars fans old and new will be able to appreciate a card set that borrows so much from earlier card series, while still presenting something new and impressive for the collectors of today. Kids who never had a chance to experience the fun of opening the original wax packs, will have some of that fun opening these cards. Very similar to the Heritage cards put out for their sports card series, the Star Wars Heritage cards will feature vintage card designs printed on a gray-back card stock and will come complete with gum in every pack (wrapped however to protect the cards).

The experience of opening a box of Heritage cards is pretty amazing. The smell of the gum coming from the box is amazingly sweet. The gum itself is just a bit modernized from what we used to pull from packs as kids. This gum is sugar free, and it is softer than the original gum. Plus a clear foil wrapper protects the cards from gum oils. Still, opening Heritage packs is very similar to opening vintage packs. The wrappers are no longer sealed with wax, but do have a paper consistency, and they mirror original wrapper designs, imitating the old Luke/Obi-Wan wrapper and the old C-3P0 wrapper from vintage series.

It should be noted these are not merely reproductions of vintage cards. These are new cards, created in a vintage style. The cards feature all new images. While the scenes and characters will be familiar, these are images never before presented on Topps cards. And they are great images, presented with the now well known captions that range from simple to snappy.

This is a card set that also borrows heavily from some non-vintage card sets, in an attempt to encompass the full history of Star Wars trading cards. The etched foil chase cards for instance are not just reminiscent of the Galaxy etched foil cards from the 90's. The image presented on the Heritage etched foil card actually can be combined with the Galaxy cards to form a single montage image.

The chase cards also bring back the Alphabet stickers from vintage ESB sets in the retail version of the Heritage set. And the more recent phenomena of original artist sketch cards and of character autograph cards (borrowed from the Clone Wars and Evolution card sets) are repeated here as well, and even in some ways improved. The sketch cards now cover the full realm of the Star Wars universe, not simply the Clone Wars cartoon series. The autographs, although quite rare, are for major characters from the original Trilogy films.

Card Values
·  set value: $5
·  unopened box: $65-85
·  single: $0.25
·  foil chase: $2-4
·  sketch/autos: $varies
·  promos: $1-5
.  stickers: $3-5

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Base Set
1The Blockade Runner attacked!
2Darth Vader's fury
3No escape for the princess!
4Sandcrawler droid
5Discovering the holo-message
6 Will Leia Betray the Rebellion?
7 The Mos Eisley Cantina
8 Don't Mess With Ben Kenobi!
9 Greedo's Prisoner
10 A Visit from Jabba
11 Facing Grand Moff Tarkin
12 "He Made a Fair Move!"
13 Striking Back at the Empire
14 It Came from the Garbage Chute
15 "Your Powers Are Weak, Old Man!"
16 Ben Kenobi's Sacrifice
17 Old Friends Reunited
18 Star Pilot Luke Skywalker
19 Death Star Under Attack
20 The Battle Station Obliterated!
21 There's More to Him Than Money
22 Honored for Their Heroism
23 Fury of the Wampa
24 "That's Two You Owe Me!"
25 Probot Attack on Hoth
26 Aboard the Executor
27 "You Have Failed Me!"
28 AT-ATs on the March
29 Speeders against the Enemy
30 Firepower of the AT-AT
31 Luke...Nearly Stomped!
32 "Never Tell Me the Odds!"
33 A Jedi Master on Dagobah
34The Princess and the Pirate
35 Darth Vader's Scheme
36 Beheading a Tyrant
37 Darth Vader and Boba Fett
38 The Carbon-Frozen Captain
39 The Great Confrontation
40 Jedi Against Sith
41 Truth and Consequences
42 Luke's Temptation
43 A New Hand for Luke
44 "We'll Get Him Back"
45 Luke Bargains for Solo
46 Entertaining Jabba's Denizens
47 The Unfreezing of Han
48 Enslaved by Jabba the Hutt
49 Challenge of the Rancor
50 Luke's Counterattack
51 Facing Off against Fett
52 Prey of the Sarlacc
53 A Walk on the Dark Side
54 The Passing of Yoda
55 Ben's Revelations
56 United against the Empire
57 Two on a Speeder Bike
58 Perilous Bike Chase!
59 Against the New Death Star
60 Skirmish at the Bunker
61 Father Versus Son
62 Will the Dark Side Prevail?
63 The Last of Anakin
64 His Soul Redeemed
65 A Family Made Whole
66 Blessings from Beyond
67 Trapped by the Trade Federation!
68 "Don't Let Them Escape!"
69 An Undersea Kingdom
70 Boss Nass of the Gungans
71 Help From Astromech Droids
72 Bargaining with Watto
73 Sebulba's Boast
74 C-3PO, Meet R2-D2!
75 Day of the Podrace
76 Watching from the Dtands
77 High-speed daredevils
78 A Farewell to Mom
79 Attacked by Darth Maul
80 Onward Against the Invaders
81 An Army of Battle Droids
82 Penetrating the Palace
83 Amidala's Bold Assault
84 Qui-Gon Jinn vs. Darth Maul
85 Obi-Wan's Greatest Challenge
86 Anakin Joins the Battle!
87 Galactic Combat
88 Yoda's Misgivings
89 A Noble Sacrifice
90 The Eager Apprentice
91 Death of a Bounty Hunter
92 Help from Dexter Jettster
93 Troubled Young Lovers
94 Kamino's Master Cloners
95 Battle with Jango Fett
96 The Fate of Shmi Skywalker
97 Held Captive by the Count
98 Droid Factory Peril!
99 Spearing an Acklay
100 Use the Force, Anakin!
101 Jedi Knights...Surrounded!
102 Outnumbered by Battle Droids!
103 The Republic Strikes Back!
104 Battlefield: Geonosis
105 Anakin Takes on Dooku
106 Power of the Dark Lord
107 Fighting an Old Friend
108 Saving His Jedi Allies
109 Begun, the Clone War Has!
110 Sharing a Dark Destiny
111 Galactic Conflict
112 Ace Star Pilot Skywalker
113 A Dark Awakening
114 Palpatine's Protege?
115 Anakin and the Jedi Council
116 Mace Windu's Concerns
117 Yoda's Discovery
118 Fear for the Future
119 A Jedi Knight Emergency
120 The Star Wars Saga - Checklist
Carrie Fisher as Princess Leia Organa
Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
James Earl Jones as Darth Vader
Hobby Etched Foil Cards (wave one)
1Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon
2Anakin Skywalker
3Mace Windu and Yoda
4Darth Maul, Palpatine, Count Dooku
5Amidala and Clone Troopers
6Bounty Hunters
Hobby Etched Foil Cards (wave two)
1Palpatine, Organa, and Binks
2C-3P0, R2-D2, and creature
3Young Anakin, Watto, and Anakin's Mother
4Jedi in battle
5Female Jedi in battle
6General Grievous
Retail Stickers
Green (1-10 form an Anakin Picture on the backs)
1A K
2B X
3E I
4N T
5F 0
6Y U
7S A
8M E
9C D
10R H
Yellow (11-20 form an Obi-Wan picture on the backs)
11A V
12B P
13H E
14I R
15O U
16F S
17E T
18N C
19M G
20D A
Blue (21-30 form a Droids picture on the backs)
21A P
22B C
23E S
24O I
25U W
26Z T
27M N
28D R
29G J
30Q L
Promo Cards
P1The Phantom Menace
(Star Wars Insider #78)
P2Attack of the Clones
P3Episode III
(San Diego Comic Con International)
P4Star Wars
(Non-Sport Update magazine, Oct-Nov. issue)
P5The Empire Strikes Back
(Diamond Previews catalog, July issue)
P6Return of the Jedi
(GamePro magazine, Nov. issue)