Topps - US - Cartoon Network Clone Wars (2004)


Star Wars fans have had very little to focus on during 2003 and early 2004. Yet, as Yoda would say, 'size matters not.' Some very small things have proven to be great fun for Star Wars fans, in particular the mini-Clone Wars cartoons shown on the Cartoon Network as well as on the official Star Wars website. Each of these 3 minute cartoons have proven to be great fun, with stunning imagery, and interesting story lines (but very little dialog).

Now, Topps has joined the fun, and given collectors something to enjoy in 2004, with a card set based on the Clone Wars series. The set was released at the end of April and focuses primarily on the first 10 episodes of the Clone Wars series. Fans of this great set are bound to begin clamoring for a set of the second 10 episodes as well.

The card set does not focus solely on the Cartoon Network series, but will also draw images from the Dark Horse comic books and other sources.

The set is made up of 90 regular cards: nine Character Cards, 63 Episode Cards (episode images on front, behind-the-scenes art/images on back), one Episode III Clone Trooper Preview Card (showing the new design for them in Episode III), 16 Dark Horse Cover Gallery Cards and one Title/Checklist Card. If past card sets are any measure, the behind-the-scenes content alone will make this set worth collecting. If that isn't enough for you however, consider that the chase cards for the set will actually include die-cut stickers. The stickers backs will, in Star Wars tradition, form a puzzle.

Other chase cards with the set will include battle motion cards and artist sketch cards.

Battle Motion cards are a new Topps chase card format, and demonstrate the continuing creativity of the Topps team. These cards are phenomenal. These cards are similar to other 'flip' image 3D style cards you may have seen in the past. The card image features a character in one battle position when held one way. Move the card slightly, and the character is shown in a different battle position. For instance, card B1 shows Anakin against a city backdrop with saber raised to strike, and then Anakin against the same backdrop, but with his saber in a follow through sweep position. Great images, drawn in the Cartoon Network style. What makes these cards different is that they are nearly transparent. The card is best viewed when held up to the light, adding a great 'glow' to the skyline of the background scenery, and a greater intensity to the action of the card. This is a creative style of chase card that would look great in any card set, but is especially well suited to an animation set.

Unfortunately, for some collectors, the stunning nature of these cards may be overshadowed by the pursuit of the other chase cards for this set, the sketch cards. Since the date Topps announced they would be including original artist sketch cards, fans have been intensely focused on this set, and those cards. Now that the cards are here, the reason for that intensity of focus is fairly clear. There is something special about pulling a plain cardboard card from a pack, and feeling the non-glossy texture of that card and the pencil sketch it contains. Up close, you see the pencil lines, the shading, and the places where the artist smudged a bit or made a mistake while drawing. These are often simple, sometimes complex sketches, each completely unique and interesting. The focus on these great sketches may overshadow a terrific set, which is a shame, but that takes nothing away from the genuine collectibility and enjoyability of the sketch cards.

Some collectors may focus less on the set, than on the case toppers however, which are really part of an earlier set. Originally planned for inclusion as chase cards with the Attack of the Clones Widevision set, two autograph cards, Jack Thompson (Cliegg Lars) and Anthony Phelan (Lama Su), will now become case toppers, one on each hobby case ordered. While the sketch cards have the majority of the focus for this set, many collectors will be collecting the two case toppers (both were available with a single case, a bonus for collectors) in an effort to finish their AOTC autograph set.

Three promo cards were released to promote the set.

Both the box and the wrappers featured the image of Yoda. Hobby wrappers had a small 'hobby edition' logo to distinguish them from retail packs. Retail boxes do not contain sketch cards, but there is no difference between the retail and hobby sets beyond this.

I encourage everyone who is a collector of these cards to visit the link to Keith's checklist site for the sketch cards. If you own a sketch card, be sure to contribute to his impressive and informative listing. Special thanks also to Keith for help with this page.

Card Values
·  set value: $5-10
·  unopened box: $60-65
·  single: $0.10
·  sticker: $0.50 - $1
·  battle motion: $3-5
·  case topper: $55-60

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Base Cards
Character Cards
1Anakin Skywalker
2Obi-Wan Kenobi
3Mace Windu
5Kit Fisto
6Arc Troopers
8Asajj Ventress
9Count Dooku
The Episodes
10A Galaxy in Conflict
11The Power of Windu
12Troops of the Republic
13Master and Padawan
14A Most Gifted Student
15The Chancellor's Decision
16Onward to his Destiny
17Of Skills and Maturity
18Squadrons Launched
19"Arc Troopers . . .Deploy!"
20Against a Droid Army
21Arc Troopers Assault
22Soldiers Under Siege
23Attacking an AAT
24"Target Sighted!"
25Troopers Take Over
26Unfriendly Persuasion
27The Mercenary Army
28Taking on the Republic
29A Sniper Strikes Back
30Assault Vehicles Destroyed!
31Durge Triumphant!
32Crisis on Mon Calamari
33Jedi of the Sea
34Slashed by Kit Fisto
35Using the Force
36Twin Terrors
37Fisto's Final Strike
38Arena of Death
39Count Dooku Welcomed
40The New Combatant
41Malice Against Metal
42Monstrous Rampage
43Battling Asajj Ventress
44"I Am . . . Sith!"
45Apprentice . . Or Adversary?
46The Power of Dooku
47The Trials of Asajj
48War of the Sith
49Asajj vs. Dooku
50Ventress Vanquished
51Master of Evil
52Kenobi's Battle Plan
53Skewering a Droid
54Obi-Wan's Charge
55The Fatal Thrust?
56Flame and the Fury
57A Clash of Titans
58"We are in Position"
59Arc Forces Close In
60A Droid Dispatched
61The Face of Defeat
62The Return of Durge
63Durge the Unstoppable
64Obi-Wan Engulfed!
65Victory at Last
66Battle in Outer Space
67Anakin's Bold Move
68Space Raiders
69"All Ships . . . Fire!"
70Annihilating the Enemy
71Collision Course
72General Grievous
73Episode II Clone Trooper
Dark Horse Gallery
74The Defense of Kamino
75Durge's Debut
76Deadly Dud
77Attack of the Dark Jedi
78The Battle of Jabim (?)
79Anakin Unleashed
80Padawans Fight Alone
81Troops of the Republic
82Old Enemies, New Dangers
83Dark Side Rising
84Dark Jedi Triumphant
85Power of the Dark Side
86The Phantom Menace
87In War and Peace
88An Epic Struggle
89Jedi Knights Forever
90Checklist / Title
Die-Cut Stickers
1 of 10Anakin Skywalker
2 of 10Obi-Wan Kenobi
3 of 10Arc Trooper
4 of 10Yoda
5 of 10Mace Windu
6 of 10Durge
7 of 10Count Dooku
8 of 10Asajj Ventress
9 of 10C-3P0
10 of 10R2-D2
sticker backsBattle Ready Jedi Image
Battle Motion Cards
B1Anakin Skywalker
B2Mace Windu
B3Obi-Wan Kenobi
B4Asajj Ventress
B5Clone Troopers
B8Count Dooku
B10Arc Troopers
Sketch Cards (Hobby Only)
Paul Ruddish1:582 packs
Genndy Tartakovsky1:606 packs
Davidé Fabbri1:76 packs (1000 cards)
Doug Wheatley1:231 packs
Kilian Plunkett1:318 packs
Rodolfo Migliari1:606 packs
Tomás Giorello1:318 packs
John McCrea1:76 packs (1000 cards)
Joe Corroney1:76 packs (1000 cards)
Pop Mhan1:286 packs
Robert Teranishi1:231 packs
Rafael Kayanan1:318 packs
Dave Dorman1:1945 packs
Case Topper Autograph Cards (Hobby Only)
Jack Thompson as Clieg Lars
Anthony Phelan as Lama Su
Promo Cards
P1Mass Market Promo (magazines and card shops)
P2Retail Market Promo (given to retail stores) Exclusive