4G-2 - Comicon Promotional Card (2003)


Every year thousands of comic book fans gather at the Comicon. I keep meaning to go and never manage to make it. Not because I'm a comic book fan, but because there is always something quirky and fun and Star Wars going on. This year, there was a set of four promotional cards for Star Wars Unleashed. You'll find information about them on another page of the site. The most interesting promotional card at the show was probably a card many people missed. This card was a single card, with a beautiful image of Boba Fett and Slave one. The card was given out by a company called 4G-2.

What's so interesting about this card? Unlike many promotional cards meant to promote a particular product or trading card set, this card was created just to have something fun to give out to fans at the convention. 4G-2 is a company made up of four guys. They do a lot of illustration and other creative work. The image on the card was created by illustrator Clark Mitchell and was originally done several years ago for the Star Wars Fan Club. If the card promotes anything, it just promotes 4G-2, one of the unsung companies behind a lot of the great imagery out there, both for Star Wars, and dozens of other popular areas.

4G2 is a Design/Illustration/3D/Prepress company out of the Dallas area. Over the years the company and Jeff Simpson (another of the four guys) has designed many products for HASBRO Inc. directly related to StarWars, and Clark Mitchell has done hundreds of illustrations for the same projects. As a result, they have a great collection of Star Wars images in their archives, and they chose this particular Fett image to share with fans at the convention.

Clark Mitchell was also involved in creating two of the four images on the Lucasfilm promotional cards given out at the show.

Unique cards are always a great deal of fun to collect, and this card is both a fun image, and it has a nice story behind it. Collectors with the card should also locate the fan club magazine that included the same Fett image. I'm looking into that information and will post it here when I have it.

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