Topps - US - Attack of the Clones (2002)


The Attack of the Clones movie card set represent the first cards released for Episode II. Issued by Topps in the United States, it was followed by a special release of a Topps set in the United Kingdom.

Attack of the Clones sees a return of standard-sized trading cards for a Topps movie release. Unlike Episode One, where Topps issued two widevision sets followed by a very popular 3D set, Attack of the Clones will premiere with a standard card set. The set will maintain the widevision screen ratio for those cards that show film scenes, but will not be solely focused on film scenes.

The set contains 100 cards, divided into several categories. Twenty character cards highlight key characters in the new film. Some, like Anakin Skywalker are familiar characters but others are new characters we are meeting for the first time. Each character card features two images, the primary front image, and a secondary image on the back of the card. There are also 69 cards that follow the storyline of the film. Each storyline card contains two images, one on the front, and a second smaller image on the back. Finally, nine behind-the-scenes cards, a title cards, and asa checklist card, round out the standard set. The set was issued in two types of boxes, for retail stores boxes held 24 packs, while the hobby market boxes held 36 packs. There is no other difference between the hobby and retail versions of the set.

Topps is aiming for a high quality card in this set, combining a number of techniques to produce impressive looking cards. All of the cards are printed on a heavy card stock. The cards are then mirror glossed (which really gives an impressive look to the cards) and foil stamped in silver. The foil stamp says Star Wars Attack of the Clones, and is larger than many previous foil stamps. The stamp definitely gives the cards a nice look.

In addition to the standard card set, collectors can look for six different promotional cards that were issued in the months leading up to the set release. All six should be obtainable if a collector is focused on finding them.

Card fans will really enjoy chasing down the three different types of chase cards, all of which are being provided at very good odds. The set has eight prismatic foil (1 in 6), ten silver foil (1 in 2), and five fold-out cards (1 in 12) to find. In a typical box that a collector might purchase, you are likely to finish the complete silver foil set, find 2 of the fold-out cards, and approximately 4 of the eight prismatic foil cards. Not a bad start to finishing a set.

The silver foil cards are character focus cards. Although they have no captions, each card has been placed on the checklist below based on the character of focus on the card. Each card has one primary image character or scene in front of a montage of character images and scenes. The smaller image appears to stand out from this background. Definitely great cards.

The prismatic foil cards will seem very familiar to anyone who collected the Episode One cards. A character montage is offset by the character's name running up one side of the card, and iconic images of that character in action next to their name. These cards have a very reflective prismatic surface.

The panoramic fold-out cards are a dramatic new card type for Star Wars. When you find the cards in the pack, they are folded closed. The card is held closed by a small amount of 'sticky'. Not to worry, this sticky is easily removed, and does not stain the card in any way. Before you open the card however, you will find that the card front provides a black and white mini-image of the image inside. The card back contains the card number. Unfolded, the card reveals a dramatic color image. These cards are designed to stand up and be displayed. You probably won't want to place these cards in a binder. If determined to keep them in a binder, look for binder pages designed to hold 4 cards to a page. This allows the card to be displayed in its open position.

Thanks to Eric Oien for help with the checklist on this page.

Card Values
·  set value: $5-10
·  unopened box: $65
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
1 Title CardArt Image
The Characters
2Anakin Skywalker
3Padme Amidala
4Obi-Wan Kenobi
6Mace Windu
7Count Dooku
8Chancellor Palpatine
9Zam Wesell
10Jango Fett
11Boba Fett
12Cliegg Lars
13Owen Lars
14Beru Whitesun
15C-3P0 and R2-D2
16Jar Jar Binks
17Nute Gunray
18Lama Su
20Clone Trooper
21Super Battle Droid
The Storyline
22Landing at Coruscant
23A Decoy's Sacrifice
24The Republic in Turmoil
25Senator Amidala Lives!
26The Padme Delegation
27Old Friends Reunited
28Under Jedi Protection
29Guarding Against Evil
30A Deadly Delivery
31Attack of the Kouhuns
32Off on a Probe Droid
33Obi-Wan Drops In
34Downward Trajectory
35Into the Industrial Sector
36That was too close!
37Anakin's Short Cut
38Assault on a Speeder
39Nightclub Brawl
40Darted . . . and Deceived
41On Her Way to Safety
42A Lead From Dexter
43The Jedi Archives
44Help From Jocasta Nu
45Not Exactly Home Cooking!
46Yoda's Youthful Proteges
47Young Heroes in Disguise
48Elsewhere in the Galaxy . . .
49Tipoca City, Planet Kamino
50An Audience With Lama Su
51The Majesty of Naboo
52A Talk and a Tour
53Inside the Clone Center
54Bring on the Clones
55Meant for Each Other
56Meeting Jango and Boba
57Fun in the Naboo Manor
58Anakin's Dinner Theater
59Destiny's Players
60Reporting to Mace and Yoda
61At the Landing Platform
62Rocket-Powered Warrior
63Attack from on High
64Snared and Dragged
65Fly . . . But You Can't Hide
66Return to Tatooine
67Watto's Revelation
68The Space Chase Begins
69A Sea of Asteroids
70Rocked by Laser Blasts
71Obi-Wan's Deception
72The Lars Family
73In Search of his Mother
74Penetrating the Tusken Camp
75Menace of the Dark Side
76Obi-Wan's Holo-Message
77The Jedi's Last Words
78Padme's Rescue Plan
79The Capture of Kenobi
80Threat of the Geonosians
81Surviving the Droid Factory
82Jar Jar in the Senate
83Death in the Arena
84To Live and Die as a Jedi
85The Deadly Power of Dooku
86Fury of a Jedi Knight
87Clash of the Lightsabers
88Challenge of Count Dooku
89A Fantastic Duel
90Anakin Loses an Arm
Behind The Scenes
91Creating High-Tech Transports
92Aliens on the Set
93The Many Faces of Anthony Daniels
94Young Lovers Get the Brush
95Mace Sets the Pace
96Bringing the Speeder to Life
97Readying Nute for the Cameras
98From Dracula to Dooku
99Jedi Tall and Jedi Small
100Checklist Card
Chase Cards
Silver Foil Cards
1 of 10Jango Fett
2 of 10Padme Amidala
3 of 10Anakin Skywalker
4 of 10Count Dooku
5 of 10Mace Windu
6 of 10Obi-Wan Kenobi
7 of 10Obi-Wan Kenobi
8 of 10Anakin Skywalker
9 of 10Count Dooku
10 of 10Jango Fett
Prismatic Foil Cards
1 of 8Anakin Skywalker
2 of 8Count Dooku
3 of 8Jango Fett
4 of 8Zam Wesell
5 of 8Padme Amidala
6 of 8no information yet
7 of 8Mace Windu
8 of 8C-3P0 and R2-D2
Panoramic Fold-Out Card
1 of 5Lightsaber Duel
2 of 5no information yet
3 of 5no information yet
4 of 5The Forces of Evil
5 of 5no information yet
Promotional Cards
Card NumberWhere Found
P1Diamond Previews (March) & Non-Sport Update Magazine (May)
P2Available through dealers & retailers
P3Available through dealers & retailers
P4Star Wars Insider #60 & Star Wars Gamer #10
P5Wizard Magazine #129, and Wizard World East
P6Star Wars Celebration II