Theaters - Thailand - Promotional Stickers (2002)


This is a set of eight (8) stickers issued in theaters in Thailand to promote the Attack of the Clones film. These stickers feature familiar images used to promote the films on a variety of cards and stickers, single characters standing before a background of a sky and army scene. The 'good guys' characters are featured on a slightly orange toned image with a background army of Jedi. The 'bad guy' characters are featured on a slightly grayish blue toned image with a background army of clone troopers. It is interesting to note that these promotional images definitely imply the clones fight for the bad guys, adding to the fun of the in-theater surprise that the clones fight with the Jedi.

Each sticker features in Thai, the words Star Wars at the top, with the words for Attack of the Clones underneath in smaller text. Text underneath each character identifies them by name. Another Thai word is under this name, I am not aware of what it means, but it is the same word on each sticker.

Sticker backs are blank.

Each sticker also features the Lucasfilm copyright, although it is positioned slightly differently on each sticker.

The stickers are not numbered.

Card Values
·  set value: $10-$15
·  single: $1-$2

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Card NumberDescription
no numberCount Dooku
no numberJango Fett
no numberZam Wesell
no numberGeonosian
no numberAnakin Skywalker
no numberPadmé Amidala
no numberObi-Wan Kenobi
no numberMace Windu