Theaters - Germany - Promo Cards (2002)


These interesting cards were given out at theaters in Germany. Labeled Sammelkarte on the backs (collector cards), the cards each feature a character or group of characters and promote the date that the film will open in theaters. Card backs are in the German language and are black and white in color.

The card fronts for these cards are what make them unique and interesting. The images are the familiar posed photos of the characters against a backdrop of the sky and an 'army' behind them. In the case of 'good guys' it is an army that wields lightsabers. In the case of the 'bad guys' it is an army of clone troopers. An interesting way to promote the fims that adds to the in theater surprise of finding the clones fight for the Jedi!

Unlike most promo cards featuring these images however, these cards are printed on a paper with a slight texture. Too thin to be considered true 3D cards, the cards still have some added depth as a result of the printing material. These are very thin cards.

Although given out at theaters for a limited time in Germany, the cards were made available on eBay for a fair amount of time and are not too difficult for most people to obtain.

Card Values
·  set value: $10
·  single: $2

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Card NumberDescription
1Anakin and Padmé
2Obi-Wan and Mace
3Count Dooku, Zam Wesell, Jango Fett