Merlin - Europe - Attack of the Clones Stickers and Album (2002)


The Merlin sticker albums have taken the place of the Panini albums that were issued for the classic trilogy. Merlin issues albums worldwide (except for the US), making it possible to collect the album in multiple languages. Stickers tend to be the same worldwide, although occasionally a local area will have a small number of additional stickers. The albums are fun, and generally durable. One way Merlin stickers differ from the older Panini stickers is a tendency not to split images across two or more stickers. It is also more common to have stickers that are larger in size as well as with glossy finishes. This series of stickers includes special LEGO stickers, featuring Lego characters on each sticker.

Sticker Values
·  set value: $10-15
·  unopened box: $25
·  single: $0.20 - 0.50
·  album: $5

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Card NumberDescription
1Royal Ship Over Coruscant
2Soaring Above the Planet
3Flying Through the Clouds
4Extending the Landing Ramp
5On the Landing Platform
6Captain Tycho and the 'Unknown' Pilot
7Emerging from the Ship
9A Decoy Revealed
10Jedi Council Members Meet with Palpatine
11Mace Windu
12Mace and Yoda
13Mace Ponders the Situation
14The Jedi Greet Amidala
15Amidala and Mace
17Jedi Council Members
18The Naboo Delegation
20Chancellor Palpatine
21The Delegation and Yoda
22Jar Jar and Jedi Friends
23Senator Amidala
24Amidala and Her Protectors
25The Jedi and Amidala
26Obi-Wan and Anakin
27An Assassins Speeder
28Dangerous Container
29Bounty Hunter and Assassin
30Zam Wessell
31Zam Heads Out
32Jedi on Guard
33Through the Blinds
34Cunning Creatures
35Sleeping Senator
36Lightsaber to the Rescue
37Surprised Amidala
38Obi-Wan Hangs On
39Zam Takes Aim
40Obi-Wan in Her Sites
41Finding a Speeder
42Anakin to the Rescue
43Concentrating on His Goal
44To Catch a Falling Jedi
45Obi-Wan Hangs On
46Obi-Wan and Anakin Together Again
47Speeding Through the City
48Heading Down
49Anakin's Speeder
51Speeding Through
52Zam's Speeder
53Power Couplings
54Shocking Encounter
55Between the Bolts
56Saber Through the Windshield
57Obi-Wan in Pursuit
58Anakin Hangs On
59Zam's Crash
60Obi-Wan Kenobi
61Entering the Bar
62Death Sticks?
63Anakin Observes the Bar Patrons
65Obi-Wan's Quick Reaction
66Zam Falls
67The Injured Assassin
68Before the Jedi Council
69Anakin Receives His Assignment
70Obi-Wan and Anakin
71Anakin and Palpatine
72Padawan and His Mentor
73Anakin Skywalker
74In the Chancellor's Office
75Yoda, Obi-Wan and Mace
76Obi-Wan and Mace
77Preparing to Leave
78Dexter Hugs Obi-Wan
79Pondering Obi-Wan's Question
80Obi-Wan's Evidence
81R2 Fetches Food
83R2 at Your Service
84Obi-Wan and Jocasta Nu
85At the Terminal
86Pointing Out a Problem
87Approaching Naboo
88Arriving Home
89Anakin and Padmé Before the New Queen
90The Queen Jamilla
91Deciding a Plan of Action
92Young Jedi Train
93Junior Jedi Listen
94The Map
95It Should be Right Here
96Yoda Maps Out a Question
97Jedi Starfighter
98The Lost Planet
99Landing on Kamino
100Entering the City
101Meeting Taun We
102Welcome Jedi Master
103Pleasure Boating on Naboo
104A Quiet Walk
105Stolen Kiss
106Touring the Cloning Facility
107Clones in Training
108Clones at Dinner
109Above the Vast Facility
110So Many Clones
111Jango Fett
112Taun We Introduces Obi-Wan
113Jango Fett
114Hidden Armor
115Mace and Yoda Listen to Obi-Wan's Report
116A Interesting Report from Kamino
117Yoda Considers
118Anakin on Naboo
119Dinner on Naboo
120Jedi Fruit Tricks
121Floating Pear
122Anakin Laughs
124Obi-Wan versus Jango
125Rocket Pack
126Jango Fires
127Boba Fett Observes the Action
128Firing From Slave I
129Rocket Firing Jango Fett
130Jango's Tether Line
131Obi-Wan Hangs On
132Pulling on the Line
133Jango in Trouble
134Jango on the Edge
135Obi-Wan Dangles
136Onto Slave I
137Obi-Wan Too Late
138Royal Ship on Tattooine
139Taxi Ride into the City
140Old Friend Watto
141Watto Meets a Jedi
142Little Ani?
143Slave I
144Slave I
145Ship Controls
146Starfighter in Pursuit
147Through the Asteroid
148Explosive Hit
149Concussion Blast
150Ship Parts
151In the Asteroid Field
153Anakin and Amidala
154Meeting Owen and Beru
155Anakin Hears Bad News
156Anakin Speeds to the Rescue
157Jawa Give Directions
158Slave I Lands
159Inside the Geonosian Building
160Obi-Wan Overhears a Plot
161Count Dooku Conspires
162The Tusken Camp
163Anakin Opens a Hut
164Anakin Finds What He Sought
165Caught by Surprise
166Jedi Starfighter
167Geonosian Spy
168Obi-Wan's Message
169Message to the Jedi Council
170Count Dooku
171Captured Obi-Wan
172Geonosian Surprise
173Anakin In Charge
174Amidala In Trouble
176R2 Boosts Away
178C-3P0 Takes a Tumble
179Amidala Times Her Run
180Geonosian Warrior
181A Kiss Before Dying
185Amidala in Chains
186Mace and Obi-Wan
187Amidala and Anakin
188Battle Droids
189Padmé Amidala
190Watching the Battle
191Mace Windu
193Clone Trooper
194Jedi Battleship
195Ships Arrive for the Battle
196Geonosian Defenses
197The Battle
198Clones on the Front Line
199Droids on the Front Line
200Force Lightning Attack
201Dooku vs. Obi-Wan
202Protecting His Master
203Two-Handed Fighting
205Anakin Loses an Arm
207Dooku's Force Lightning
208Yoda on Defense
209Clashing Sabers
210Dooku Escapes
211Dooku's Ship
212Arriving on Coruscant
214Clones on the March
215Young Love
ALuke Skywalker
BPadmé Amidala
CPrincess Leia
DHan Solo
FCount Dooku
GQui-Gon Jinn
HObi-Wan Kenobi
IAnakin Skywalker
KBoba Fett (classic)
LDarth Siddious
MDarth Maul
NCount Dooku
ODarth Vader
PClone Trooper
QJango Fett
L1Zam Wesell
L2Anakin Skywalker
L3Count Dooku
L5Jango Fett
L6Boba Fett
L7Obi-Wan Kenobi
L8Clone Trooper