Mainland Cheese – New Zealand – Promo Cards (2002)


Distributed by Mainland foods in New Zealand, this set of 18 cards could be collected through a mail-away offer. Small tokens were issued on a variety of cheese and dairy products. Collectors could save the tokens and mail them in to the company in exchange for packets of the trading cards. This is a set of 18 cards. A more complete description will be posted shortly.

Card Values
·  set value: $15-20
·  token: $0.50 - $1
·  single: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
1Padmé Amidala
2Jango Fett
3Anakin Skywalker
6Zam Wesell
7Mace Windu
8Count Dooku
9Obi-Wan Kenobi
10Super Battle Droid
12Clone Trooper
13Kit Fisto
14Supreme Chancellor Palpatine
15Luminara Unduli
16Shaak Ti