Hollywood Gum - France - Boxes and Stickers (2002)


Hollywood gum is a brand of gum in France. For Episode II, Hollywood gum issued two different promotions in France. The first, and most widely known allowed you to collect images of Star Wars characters printed on the back of small boxes of gum. If you could collect all 20 you would win a prize. Two of the characters were therefore rare, and most collectors won't be able to find those. The boxes of gum were for a small 'chicklet' style gum.

The second promotion was issued with multi-packs of stick gum. Each multipack had a sticker of a Star Wars character on it. You essentially had to purchase 5 packs of gum in a multi-pack to get a single sticker! There were 20 different stickers to collect, and because there was not a contest associated with this promotion, it was possible to collect all 20.

Card Values
·  box set value: $20
·  sticker set value: $20
·  single: $1
·  rare boxes: $5-10 each

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