Harry's - France - Brioche Doo Wop Promo Cards (2002)


You may see these cards referred to as the 'French Bread' cards. They were actually issued with a variety of food products under the Harry's brand name. Most of these products would be considered cookies or desserts in America. Several different flavors of brioche for instance. The cards were inserted in the brioche packaging (a long bag holding several cookies) as a strip of 4 uncut cards. One card on each panel was an advertisement for the promotion itself that included 'points' you could cut off and use to mail away for a special lightsaber pen. The other three cards contained character images.

These cards are most commonly found still on the uncut panel, however they can be cut apart very nicely without detracting significantly from their value.

Card Values
·  set value: $10-20
·  packaging: $1
·  single: $1-2
·  lightsaber pen: $5

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Card NumberDescription
no numberAnakin / Zam / Dooku
no numberObi-Wan / Jango / Yoda
no numberThreepio / Padmé / Mace
no numberR2-D2 / Siddious / Clone