General Mills - Chex Glitter Tattoos (2002)


General Mills did a fairly large promotion for the Attack of the Clones film. The least popular of their promotions was probably the Chex cereal glitter tattoos. A combination of factors caused these to sit on store shelves longer than most of the other promotions. First, the Chex brand cereals although nice, are not a sweetened product that kids love. Then you have the tattoos themselves which had nice images, but in order to tell what image you had, you needed to open the tattoo completely. Collectors don't like having to unpeel a sticker just to see what it is. It's possible too, that with only four to collect, this set was quickly obtained, leaving a lot of additional boxes of cereal on shelves.

Card Values
·  set value: $5
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
no numberObi-Wan Kenobi / Jango Fett
no numberYoda / Count Dooku
no numberPadmé / Battle Droid
no numberAnakin / Zam Wesell