Energizer Battery - Canada - Promo Cards (2002)


Issued in Canada, this set of 3 small 3D cards is great fun, and a fairly easy item for most collectors to obtain.

Energizer battery packages in Canada that were specially marked contained two of the 3D cards cellowrapped to the package. Collectors typically could easily finish their sets by locating the third card they needed as each package had one card visible on the front. Buying 3 packages of batteries could lead to having two complete sets of the cards.

Cards are not numbered, but each features a high energy scene from one of the films. Each card is a multi-motion card allowing collectors to play out the scene by tipping the card to change the perspective.

Card Values
·  set value: $5
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
no numberStar Wars: Obi-Wan vs. Darth Vader
no numberEpisode I: Qui-Gon vs. Darth Maul
no numberEpisode II: Obi-Wan vs. Count Dooku