Curad - Bandage Box Promo Cards (2002)


You might remember the great bandages created for Episode One by Curad®. The packaging was fun, and the bandages themselves were great too, featuring characters and ships from Star Wars.

For Episode II, Curad® has gone one better and created not only new fun bandages, but packaging that is collectible as well. Card collectors will particularly enjoy the limited edition packaging even if it is available only for a limited time. Each box features a 3D trading card.

Collector cards are available on boxes of 30 bandages and have a low retail price, making them a fun item for most collectors to find. It helps that the bandages are actually a useful product as well.

Cards feature four different images from the film

Card Values
·  set value: $10
·  single: $2-3

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Card NumberDescription
no numberYoda
no numberCount Dooku and Darths
no numberHeroes
no numberJango and Clones