Bimbo - Mexico - Promo Cards (2002)


These aren't quite cards, but really, in a way they are cards that just happen to be pretty darn creative. Whether you consider them cards or not, the Bimbo promotional items are one of the more fun items to collect from the Attack of the Clones.

What are the Bimbo items? Well, they were promotional items given out in a brand of chips called Bimbo. They are numbered, and vary in size depending on what they portray. They are also flat, printed on a hard, slightly prismatic plastic. But they aren't intended to be kept flat in an album because at heart these cards contain images of the parts of different characters that are meant to be popped out and pieced together to build that character.

In a sense, the Bimbo cards are build-a-character or build-a-ship cards.

Each card has either a red or blue background. The background contains the word Star Wars in a lighter shade repeating over and over, but this is so subtle it is only noticeable close up. It is the Star Wars logo that gives the card its prismatic look. Cards are also numbered and each features the name of the character (in English) and a number. The Lucasfilm copyright is also present in small text.

Card fronts feature the Star Wars logo, the Bimbo logo and a small diagram that explains how the character is to be put together once popped out. Characters are from both the classic trilogy and the prequel films.

Collectors will definitely want to find these fun cards. While they can be kept in an album, having a single or two that you set up and play with would definitely be worthwhile. These cards are great fun, and a creative idea.

Card Values
·  set value: $25-30
·  single: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
2Obi-Wan Kenobi
3Mace Windu
4Qui-Gon Jinn
5Anakin Skywalker
6Padmé Amidala
7Queen Amidala
8Princess Leia
9Luke Skywalker
12Clone Trooper
13Han Solo
14Darth Vader
16Darth Maul
17Count Dooku
18Zam Wesell
19Jango Fett
20Boba Fett
21Super Battle Droid
22Battle Droid
23Darth Sidious
24Jabba the Hutt
26Jedi Starfighter
27Anakin's Speeder (on same card as 29)
28Slave I
29Zam's Speeder (on same card as 27)
30Dooku's Solar Sailer