Topps - Star Wars Evolution (2001)


This set was released in August of 2001. Thanks to Topps and Gary from Autograph Central for helping with the information below.

The big surprise with this set is that it was the first ever set to include official autograph cards as part of the set. Other card companies have done this for non-Star Wars sets in the past. It has never been done for Star Wars. Which isn't to say that autographed cards for Star Wars have never existed. Every year fans attend card shows and Sci-fi conventions and have their favorite cards autographed by those stars that make themselves available. Or they use a resource like to help them get autographs by mail. While this is fun, and something a lot of fans do, the Evolution set is making autographs official and making it possible to get autographs for stars you might never get to meet at a convention. After all, when was the last time you had a chance to ask James Earl Jones for an autograph?

The autographs are only a small part of the Evolution set. They are essentially another level of chase card. For most collectors, owning one or two autographs from the set will be enough. With one autograph card per box, getting a full set of autographs will be a challenge for the power collectors who don't mind investing extra time and money in the chase. Collectors will also be challenged by the differing availability of many autograph cards. A number of autographers signed only a small number of cards, making those cards more challenging to collect. Luckily, many fan favorites signed the maximum number of cards, making them easier to find. For everyone else, the set is still a revolutionary and interesting set.

Star Wars Evolution is the first set ever to combine classic trilogy and prequel images into a single card set. By focusing on characters, the set is able to transcend the boundaries of one particular film. A limited number of images from Episode II are also included in the set, making it the first card set to contain Episode II imagery (on an official level).

Cards for Evolution were printed on a quality foil stock, similar to that used for the Star Wars Vehicles card set. Card backs contained information about the character shown on the card. Unlike the Vehicles card set, which was criticized by some collectors for its artwork, these cards feature bold photo images of the characters.

For those whose main interest is promo cards, both the P1 and P2 promo cards (which both feature Obi-Wan Kenobi), were widely available from a variety of sources including several hundred given away on this site. These cards were issued in magazines, at conventions, and with comic books, making them easy to obtain for most collectors. Magazines that are being given the promo cards are receiving equal numbers of the P1 and P2 cards, giving all collectors a good chance of finding both. The P3 promo card (featuring Nien Nunb) was made available exclusively at AlphaCon. A total of 5000 P3 promo cards were printed by Topps. Of these 250 were set aside for the special VIP dinner held at AlphaCon. These 250 cards were autographed, and hand numbered by Mike Quinn, the actor who portrayed Nien Nunb. Because these autographed P3 promos were limited in number (250), and hand numbered by the signer, they are currently fetching high prices on eBay! and other sites. Another promotional card (the P4) is being given out at five different conventions where Steve Sansweet will be giving a presentation about the Skywalker family tree. This promo card features several different images of Anakin, highlighting the Evolutionary nature of the set, and the character in the films. In addition, Steve Sansweet has been very generously autographing the cards for many fans at the conventions.

The list of autographers shown below is a confirmed list provided by Topps. The exact number of cards autographed is also listed, which should give collectors a good idea of which cards were harder to find. Again, most of the favorite characters were generous in providing the maximum number of autographs.

Beyond the autographs, Topps created special 'A' and 'B' level Evolution cards. These cards feature many of the more popular characters in different guises. There are 12 Level A evolution cards, and 8 level B evolution cards, for a total of 20 different cards to collect. As an example of an Evolution card progression, consider Princess Leia. Her common card for the set features Leia in her white gown. The 'A' level Evolution card, which is less common (possibly only 1:12) features Leia as Boushh. All 'A' level cards have a Blue card border to help quickly distinguish them from their common counterpart. The 'B' level Evolution card, which is even less common,shows Leia as Jabba's prisoner, and features a green border. These Evolution cards should make for a good overall view of the central characters and are an interesting variation on the chase card concept. They are also relatively easy to obtain compared to the odds for traditional chase cards.

Finally, in keeping with the evolutionary theme of the set, even the checklist cards are unique. First, it's been a long time since a card set needed three checklists! The checklist cards feature different images of the Skywalker family, essentially showing the family as it has evolved.

Card Values
·  set value: $5
·  unopened box: $85
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $2-5
·  autographs: $20-2000 (varies by signer)

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Card NumberDescription
02Adi Gallia
03Admiral Ackbar
04Admiral Piett
05Anakin Skywalker
06Aurra Sing
07Ben Quadrinaros
08Beru Lars
09Bib Fortuna
10Biggs Darklighter
11Boba Fett
12Boss Nass
15Captain Needa
16Captain Panaka
17Captain Tarpals
18Chancellor Valorum
20Darth Maul
21Darth Vader
23Depa Billaba
24Eeth Koth
25Even Piell
26Figrin D'an
27Fode and Beed
28General Carlist Rieekan
29General Crix Madine
30General Jan Dodonna
31General Maximillian Veers
32Grand Moff Tarkin
34Han Solo
36Jabba the Hutt
37Jar Jar Binks
41Lak Sivrak
42Lando Calrissian
45Luke Skywalker
46Mace Windu
47Max Rebo
48Moff Jerjerrod
49Momaw Nadon
50Mon Mothma
52Nien Nunb
53Nute Gunray
54Obi-Wan Kenobi
57Oppo Rancisis
58Owen Lars
59Padmé Amidala
60Plo Koon
61Ponda Baba
62Princess Leia
63Qui-Gon Jinn
67Ric Olié
68Royal Guard
69Rune Haako
70Saesee Tiin
71Salacious Crumb
73Senator Palpatine
74Shmi Skywalker
75Sio Bilbble
77Sy Snootles
79Tusken Raider
83Wedge Antilles
87Yarael Poof
Checklist Cards
C1Anakin and Shmi
C2Luke and Darth Vader
C3Luke and Leia
Evolution Inserts
Anakin Skywalker
Beru Lars no B card
Han Solo
Lando Calrissian
Luke Skywalker
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Owen Lars no B card
Padmé Amidala
Princess Leia
Qui-Gon Jinn no B card
Yoda no B card
Autograph Cards
Level A Autographers (1000 cards signed)
Admiral AckbarTim Rose
Admiral OzzelMichael Sheard
Admiral PiettKenneth Colley
Aurra SingMichonne Bourriague
Boba FettJeremy Bulloch
Captain NeedaMichael Culver
General Crix MadineDermot Crowley
GreedoPaul Blake
Lyn MeDalyn Chew
Moff JerjerrodMichael Pennington
Mon MothmaCaroline Blakiston
Nien NunbMike Quinn
OolaFemi Taylor
Owen LarsPhil Brown
R2-D2Kenny Baker
RystallMercedes Ngoh
Voice of Darth VaderJames Earl Jones
Voice of SebulbaLewis MacLeod
Voice of WattoAndrew Secombe
Wickett W. WarrickWarwick Davis
Level B Autographers (400 cards signed)
ChewbaccaPeter Mayhew
Senator PalpatineIan McDiarmid
Level C Autographers (300 cards signed)
Lando CalrissianBilly Dee Williams
Level D Autographers (100 cards signed)
C-3P0Anthony Daniels
Princess Leia OrganaCarrie Fisher