Topps - Episode One 3D (2000)


This may well be the coolest set produced for Episode One. Topps has proven their ability to produce a high quality 3D card set in the past, and Episode One provides some incredible potential for 3D cards. This set of 46 cards covers a wide range of scenes from throughout the movie. Two multi-motion chase cards add to the power of the set. No cards were wasted in creating this set. There is no title card (something I miss actually) and no checklist card. The checklist is provided on each wrapper instead. The focus here is on images from the film that best display the unique power of 3D imagery.

The cards were packaged two to a pack with 36 packs in each box. Retail price on packs were around $3, which might seem a bit steep, but excellent collation meant that purchasing a box provided a strong likelihood of completing not only the common set of 46 cards (with a few left over singles) but both chase cards as well. Given the expense of producing 3D cards, this smaller set was relatively inexpensive for most collectors to complete.

There was a single promotional card issued for the set, P1, which shows Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon Jinn with lightsabers drawn. It's a great looking card, and available from a wide variety of sources, including the Feb/Mar. issue of NSU, Star Wars Galaxy Collector magazine, and Previews magazine.

Thanks to Raymond Marier for adding to this description.

Card Values
·  set value: $65-75
·  unopened box: $85
·  single: $1-2
·  chase: $10

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Card NumberDescription
1The Phantom Alliance
2To Trap a Jedi
3Besieged by Battle Droids
4Destroyer Droid Challenge
5Escaping the Neimoidians
6Planet Naboo Invaded
7Refuge In a Water World
8"How Rude!"
9Facing Boss Nass
10Target: Planet Naboo
11Warcraft Closing In
12Rescuing Queen Amidala
13Valiant R2-D2
14The Sith Apprentice
15Encountering Anakin
16Day of the Podrace
17High-Speed Thrills
18Treacherous Dug
19The Fast and the Furious
20Racing Across Tatooine
21The Home Stretch
22Maul's Quarry
23Decision at Coruscant
24Facing the Jedi Council
25The Galactic Senate
26Amidala's Gamble
27A Phropecy Fulfilled?
29Face-Off With Maul
31Regal Battlefield
32Reclaiming the Palace
33Gungans Go to War
34Trade Federation Offensive
35The Reluctant Hero
36Implacable Foes
37In the Generator Complex
38Fury of the Sith
39The Fate of Qui-Gon Jinn
40Starpilot Anakin
41Skywalker's First Battle
42The Enemy Within
43Vanquishing Darth Maul
44Naboo Liberated
45Yoda's Warning
46A Pause for Peace
Multi-Motion Chase Cards
1 of 2Destroyer Droids Raise Their Shields
2 of 2Obi-Wan and Darth Maul Battle
Promo Card
P1Naboo Hangar Scene - Obi-Wan and Qui-Gon