Zone - UK - E1: eMotion Cards (1999)


A U.K. exclusive, these cards were issued in the late fall of 1999 by a card company called Interlace 4d.

A huge thank you to Andy Dukes for pointing these cards out to me.

The information below is taken in part from the web site of a U.K. card dealer that originally sold the cards.

Limited Edition Collectors Cards That LET YOU FEEL THE FORCE IN FULL MOTION!

Using the innovative Deep3D® technology, Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace E-MOTION Collectors Cards capture scenes from the movie like never before.

All the action brought stunningly to life in a full-motion 8 card set allowing you to experience all the emotions you felt when watching the saga's first installment of the excitment of the Podrace®, the fear of Darth Maul® and the honour of the Jedi®, they're all here!

A Limited Edition of only 10,000, these are destined to become the most sought after collector card series yet.

I have to agree with the some of the sentiments of the advertising blurb. If the cards live up to their sample images, they'll be pretty great. Unfortunately, with asking prices ranging between $15 and $20 per card in the 8 card set, I can only say that these will be a very expensive collectible. And expensive isn't generally a very successful way to go with Star Wars items, especially things like cards. After all, collector's are used to getting entire sets for $15-20, not just a single card.

Card Values
·  set value: $75
·  single: $15

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Card NumberDescription
1Exploding Ship
2Battle Scene
3Battle Droids
4Obi-Wan on Guard
5Qui-Gon Attacks
6Qui-Gon Dueling
8Pod-Racer exploding