Walkers - UK - E1: Chip Game Cards (1999)


These cards are similar in concept to the Lays cards issued in the US. In the UK they are issued by Walkers brand chips. Thanks to Jamie Crompton for assistance with this page. I also owe thanks to another very helpful site visitor whose earlier e-mail was lost in a computer crash.

These cards are along similar lines to the American series, but some characters are featured once, some twice, and some three times. Inside is a "scratch card" game, offering a prize of (UKP) 1 million for one lucky winner. The character featured inside matches that on the outside, but there are only 12 different pictures inside (i.e. 1 per character) as opposed to the 25 different on the outside.

Overall, these cards are a nice little set, using bright colors and fun images of the characters.

Card Values
·  set value: $20
·  single: $0.50 - $1

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Card NumberDescription
no numberAnakin piloting his pod
no numberQui-Gon looking serious
no numberJar Jar grinning
no numberJar Jar sniffs fruit
no numberQui-Gon ready for battle
no numberQui-Gon on Tatooine
no numberJar Jar is pensive
no numberAnakin in helmet
no numberSebulba
no numberR2-D2
no numberWatto
no numberDarth Sidious
no numberMace Windu testing Anakin
no numberMace Windu
no numberAnakin leaves Mom
no numberDarth Maul on the hunt
no numberDarth Maul
no numberPadme
no numberPadme on Tatooine
no numberObi-Wan
no numberObi-Wan ready to fight
no numberObi-Wan at the controls
no numberAmidala in celebration gown
no numberAmidala at the Senate
no numberAmidala in purple