Topps - Episode One Widevision Series 2 Retail (1999)


The 80 common cards for this set are identical to the common cards for Episode One Series Two Hobby Edition. The chase cards for this set are different from those offered in the hobby version however, and this set does not have any oversized box cards. Many collectors were less than thrilled by ending up with additional common sets in an effort to obtain the chase cards. This has led to the value of the common sets being very low.

Like the first series of cards, this series presents scenes from the film in a widevision format. Card backs feature great production information and behind-the-scenes photos of the stars, the production staff, and conceptual drawings. You'll also find considerable behind-the-scenes information, including quotes from the stars on their roles. Each card back features either Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon, or Darth Maul brandishing a saber on the right-hand side of the card.

Card fronts present fairly standard movie images, with no effort to follow the story line of the film.

Many thanks to Daniel O'Leary for his assistance with a partial checklist for the chase cards.

Thanks to Jeff White for helping to complete it.

Card Values
·  set value: $5-10
·  unopened box: $25
·  single: $0.10
·  chase: $5-8

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Card NumberDescription
1Title Card
2Qui-Gon Jinn
3Obi-Wan Kenobi
4Anakin Skywalker
5Darth Maul
6Captain panaka and Queen Amidala
7Jar Jar Binks
8The Neimoidians
9Boss Nass
12Darth Sidious
13The Jedi Council
17Jabba the Hutt
18Captain Tarpals and the Gungan Warriors
19Slave Community
20Atop the Stone Head
21Podracing Arena
23Landing Ship Interior
24Theed Power Generator
25The Walking Droid Fighter
26Jedi Reprisal
27Blasted by the Force
28Qui-Gon Cuts Through
29Destroyer Droids
30STAP Warfare
32The Escape Party
33Cutting Down Battle Droids
34Courageous Astromech Droid
35Encountering Anakin
36Watto's Gamble
37Podracing Rivals
38Teemto Gears Up
39Podracers in Position
40Quadinaros Makes Ready
41Pit Droid Dispute
42Arriving in the Arena
43The Crowd Goes Wild
44Anakin's Challenge
45Through a Rocky Canyon
46Sideline Friends
47Beware of Tusken Raiders!
48Ratts Tyerell
49Collision Up Ahead
50Streaking Across Tatooine
51Sebulba's Foul Plan
52High-Speed Climax
53Fury of the Podrace
54The Winning Podracer
55The Mighty Gungan Army
56Fantastic Weaponry
57Blasting Through!
58Gungan Shields
59Battlefield: Naboo
60A Hapless Hero
61Hostage to Their Will
62Inside the Theed Central Hangar
63"Get to Your Ships!"
64Naboo Starfighters Taking Off
65The Queen's Volunteer Forces
66Palace Attack
67Releasing the Droid Starfighters
68Blast of the Quadlaser Cannons
69Celestial Combat
70Droid Starfighter Assault
71Droid Control Ship Crisis
72Immobilizing the Enemy
73The Menace of Maul
74Fierce Combatants
75His Moment of Truth
76Battle to the Death
77Dueling With Darth Maul
78Hang On, Obi-Wan
79A Time to Rejoice
Embossed Foil Chase Cards
E1Commander Droid
E2Jar Jar
E3Jabba the Hutt
E5Anakin Skywalker
E6Boss Nass
Chase Cards
C1Sea Creature Peril
C2Escapees on Tatooine
C3Podrace Excitement
C4Control Ship Attack