Sandylion - Episode One Vending Machine Stickers (1999)


Stickers for Episode One are being distributed by Sandylion. In addition to selling stickers in packets in stores, a larger sized sticker is also being distributed in vending machines in the US.

Vending machines that sell stickers are generally found in the entrances of discount stores like Walmart, or toy stores like Toys R Us. Each sticker had a cost of 50 cents and was randomly distributed. A total of 12 stickers could be collected. These stickers are larger than those being issued by Sandylion in packs, however their designs are very similar. Collecting the full set took some patience.

The stickers are slightly over 2 1/2" by 4" in size. Stickers were not numbered.

Card Values
·  set value: $15
·  single: $1

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Card NumberDescription
no numberDarth Maul
no numberNaboo Fighter
no numberR2-D2
no numberQueen Amidala
no numberBattle Droid
no numberJar Jar Binks
no numberObi-Wan Kenobi
no numberWatto
no numberPod Racer
no numberAnakin
no numberJedi
no numberQueen's Ship