Sandylion - Episode One Collectible Stickers (1999)


Originally I had no intention of giving these stickers their own page. They don't fit my normal qualifications for a collectible sticker item. After dozens and dozens of e-mail messages however, here they are.

There are two varieties of Sandylion stickers. The first, are single stickers sold in small packs. There are six series of these stickers. Each series comes in a small hang-tag package with the first sticker visible through the wrapping. There are three sticker designs in each series. These small individual stickers feature characters and ships.

Sandylion also produced stickers grouped on sheets. These stickers are cut out around the character and ship shapes, and are what most people think of in terms of the sort of stickers kids play with to place on letters, lunch boxes and school books. These shaped stickers will not be placed into a formal checklist, but will be listed at some point. A boxed set of these shaped stickers was also available.

Card Values
·  set value: $5
·  package: $1

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