Nagatanien - Japan - Episode One Curry Discs (1999)


Issued in Japan in 1999 as part of a promotion for a curry product, these are large discs (not at all pog-like) featuring Episode One characters.

I'm told that the first four discs for the set have a shiney quality, while the others are plain. All discs have a gold colored border, with the words 'STAR WARS' in English, along with the character's name, also in English lettering. Disc backs feature a split screen look. A section features a closeup of the character, while next to it, is a scene featuring the character, along with Japanese text describing that character. Disc backs also feature the Episode One logo and the name of the company that produced the curry. I'm afraid I don't read Japanese and misplaced the e-mail message that told me the company name, but I believe it is Nagatanien. Any help with that information would be appreciated.

Thanks to Sakai Hideyasu for information listed above.

Card Values
·  set value: $40
·  single: $2-5

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Card NumberDescription
1Obi-Wan Kenobi
2Qui-Gon Jinn
3Queen Amidala
4Darth Maul
8Rune Haako
9Battle Droid
10Mace Windu
11Nute Gunray
12Jar Jar Binks
13Senator Palpatine
15Shmi Skywalker
16Jabba the Hutt
18Darth Sidious
19Anakin Skywalker
20Boss Nass