Mobil - South America - Promotional Cards (1999)


This card set was issued for Episode One in South America by Mobil Gas Stations.

The card set is apparently based on the Topps Series One cards, but with Spanish text rather than English text. Although clearly based on the Topps cards, the card I have seen indicates it was printed by Ultra Cards and carries the Mobil logo on the back of the card. It is otherwise identical to a Topps issued card. I have not been able to determine if there is a direct relationship between Topps and Ultra Cards, but the cards are an official licensed product and not bootleg.

Thanks to Giambattista Russo from Venezuela a little more is now known about these cards. Packs of cards containing 8 cards were given out with each purchase of a small Applause figurine from a Mobil gas station. 3 packs of cards were given with each figure. There are a total of 50 cards in the set.

Thanks to David Polis for the very basic information on this set.

Special thanks to Andy Dukes who actually provided the sample card.

This set will definitely be a challenge for any die-hard collectors who want to try to find a complete set of the cards. For the average collector, owning a single sample card will probably be enough.

Card Values
·  set value: $?
·  single: $1

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