Merlin - UK and Europe - E1: Stickers and Album (1999)


If you are familiar with Panini stickers and albums, then you have a fairly good idea what these stickers are like. Now think about all the ways Panini sticker albums and stickers could be improved. Most of those improvements have probably been made with this set. Europe once again is getting something truly wonderful while the United States is left doing without. Luckily, most US collectors will be able to find these on the Internet.

Merlin is the European division of Topps, and is headquartered in England. There are a number of Merlin offices throughout Europe however, and most Merlin products are issued throughout Europe. This particular Merlin product was issued first in the United Kingdom, and because England is the headquarters of Merlin, I am listing this as a UK product. Albums are available however in various languages however. The stickers themselves were printed in Italy (and I expect years from now someone will be convinced this is an Italian product).

The album has a hologram style cover, and is full of bright colors, and simply is a well done album.

Stickers for this set come in a number of varieties. You can forget simple little square stickers. Most stickers in this set are rectangular, somewhat in the widevision style (though naturally a bit smaller than a trading card).

A subset of Lego-themed stickers provides cut-out pictures of completed lego sets. The oblong stickers have a bright yellow border, and appropriate backgrounds have been posed behind the sets, making them look really terrific. One of the lego stickers features the Lego Star Wars logo while a second features Darth Maul 'using the Force' on Legos. Although this subset is a blatant advertisement, the stickers are really terrific.

The majority of stickers are oblong stickers of movie scenes with a sand colored border. Also included however are 'super refractor stickers' which are smaller square stickers with great hologram backgrounds. These bright and shiny stickers really stand out. There are two versions of 'metallic edge' stickers. Rather than being oblong in shape, these stickers are more standard in shape, and come in two sizes. A smaller size has a purple edge that is only slightly metallic in appearance to me, and a larger size that has a blue edge. A final sticker type is a 'holofoil engraved' sticker. These stickers have a brightly metallic finish, and feature a smaller portrait inset in a larger character image.

All of these stickers feature great images from the film.

A checklist is provided below. Because sticker backs do not contain a description, all descriptions are my own.

Card Values
·  set value: $35
·  unopened box: $40
·  single: $0.50
·  album: $10

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Card NumberDescription
1Cockpit Scene - Approaching Naboo
2Interior - Neimodian Hangar
3The Ambassadors are Welcomed
4Looking Out at Naboo
5Contacting the Sith Lord
6Battle Droids Prepare to Face the Jedi
7Battle Ship (refractor)
8Lightsabers in the Mist
9Qui-Gon Jinn
10Obi-Wan Kenobi
11Qui-Gon Jinn (metallic edge - small)
12Jedi on the Defense
13Obi-Wan Kenobi (holofoil)
14City of Theed
15Queen Amidala
16The Neimodian Ambassador
17Nute Gunray
18The Bridge of the Trade Federation Ship
19Queen Amidala (holofoil)
20Nute Gunray (metallic edge - small)
21Directing the Jedi Hunt
22Darth Siddious (refractor)
23Captain Panaka (metallic edge - large)
24Queen Amidala
25Landing Craft (refractor)
26The Royal Defenders
27Qui-Gon Jinn (holofoil)
28Landing Craft
29Troop Transport (refractor)
30Qui-Gon Meet Jar Jar
31STAP and Battle Droid (refractor)
32Jedi and Jar Jar
33Talking with Jar Jar
34Jar Jar Prepares to Dive (metallic edge - large)
35Jar Jar (holofoil)
36Jar Jar
37Obi-Wan Swimming
38Jar Jar
39Jar Jar Under Arrest
40Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan (metallic edge - large)
41Jar Jar Under Guard
42Jar Jar Pleads
43Aboard the GunGan Sub
441/2 Sub Scene (metallic edge - large)
451/2 Sub Scene (metallic edge - large)
46Opee Sea Monster Attack
47Jedi Snack
48GunGan Sub (refractor)
49The Mouth of the Beast
50Nute Gunray
51Palace Occupation
52Battle Droid Commander
53The Trade Federation Invaders
54Captain Panaka (refractor)
55Neimodians in the Throne Room
56Aboard the Escaping Queen's Transport
57Running the Blockade
58Captain Panaka (metallic edge - large)
59Qui-Gon and Captain Panaka
60Jedi in the Cockpit
61The Queen's Transport
62Qui-Gon (metallic edge - small)
63Royal Starship (holofoil)
64Obi-Wan (metallic edge - small)
65Darth Siddious
66Darth Siddious Hologram
67Jar Jar Meets Padme
68Captain Panaka Introduces R2 (metallic edge - small)
69R2-D2 (holofoil)
70Qui-Gon and Jar Jar on Tatooine
71Padme Wants to Come Too
72Discussing the Queen's Request
73R2 in Mos Espa
74Qui-Gon Surveys Mos Espa
75Qui-Gon and Watto
76Watto (holofoil)
77Toydarians Only Understand Money
78Discussion With a Toydarian
79Jar Jar Finds a Snack
80Sebulba Faces Anakin
81Sebulba Confronts Jar Jar (metallic edge - large)
83Hearing Sio Bibble's Message
84Sio Bibble
85Anakin and C-3P0
86C-3P0 (holofoil)
87C-3P0 (metallic edge - large)
88C-3P0 Meet R2-D2
89Anakin Skywalker (metallic edge - small
90Dinner With Anakin
91Qui-Gon Contacts the Ship
92Qui-Gon and Watto
94A Tempting Offer
95Don't Touch Anything!
96Jar Jar Balancing Act
97Anakin Skywalker (holofoil)
98Watto (metallic edge - large)
99R2 and the Pod
100Anakin's Pod
101The Droids and Jar Jar With the Pod
102Jar Jar at Work (metallic edge - large)
103Jar Jar in the Binding Ray
104Starting the Pod
105Obi-Wan Tests the Blood Sample
106Darth Maul
107Sith Infiltrator (metallic edge - large)
108Podracing Hangar
109Roll of the Dice
110You Won This One . . .
111Wagering With Watto
113Arriving at the Arena
114Anakin and Padme
115C-3P0 (metallic edge - small)
116C-3P0 and R2 with the Pod
117Jabba (metallic edge - large)
118Ringing the Gong
119Sebulba's Pod (refractor)
120Ben Quadronairos (metallic edge - large)
121Ody Mantel
123Sebulba Cheats
124Pod Racer
125Pit Droids (refractor)
127Anakin Ready to Race
128They're Off!
129Watching the Race
130Pods Across the Desert
132Anakin in the Lead
134Anakin's Pod (refractor)
135Watto Watches the Race (metallic edge - large)
136Watto Accuses Qui-Gon
137Anakin and Shmi
140Darth Maul
141Sith vs. Jedi
142Darth Maul (holofoil)
143Desert Battle (metallic edge - large)
144Battle in the Sands
145Darth Maul
146Anakin and Handmaiden
147Senator Palpatine
148Sentator Palpatine (metallic edge - large)
149Sentator Palpatine (refractor)
150Anakin Skywalker (metallic edge - large)
151Before the Council
152Qui-Gon faces Mace and Yoda
153Mace Windu
154Ithorian Senators
155Twi'Lek Senators
156Anakin Before the Council
157Before the Council
159Mace Quizzes Anakin
160Mace Considers Anakin
161Mace Windu
162Ki Adi Mundi
163Anakin and the Council
164Mace Windu (holofoil)
165Qui-Gon (metallic edge - small)
167Yoda (holofoil)
168Yoda (metallic edge - large)
169Captain Panaka on Naboo
170Boss Nass (refractor)
171Boss Nass
172At the Hidden Temple
173GunGan Warriors in the Mist (metallic edge - large)
174Trade Federation Tanks
175Battle Droid Commander
176Prepare to Fire
178Tank (refractor)
179Tanks Fire!
180Destroyer Droid (refractor)
181Captain Tarpals (metallic edge - large)
182Folded Droid (metallic edge - large)
183Droids Awaken
185Droids (metallic edge - small)
186Massive Army
187GunGan Army
188Battle Droid (refractor)
189Out the Window
190Qui-Gon in the Lead
192Obi-Wan Attacks!
194Jedi Approach (metallic edge - large)
195Pilots to Their Ships
196R2 Aboard
197Anakin Aboard
198Stay in That Cockpit (metallic edge - large)
199Observing the Battle (metallic edge - small)
200On the Move (metallic edge - large)
201Pilot Anakin (metallic edge - small)
202Fighters in Flight
203Droid Fighter (metallic edge - small)
204Naboo Fighter
2051/2 Fighter (metallic edge - small)
2061/2 Fighter (metallic edge - small)
207Naboo Pilot
208Naboo Fighters
209Naboo Commander
210Bravo Pilot (metallic edge - large)
211Pilot Anakin (metallic edge - large)
212Space Battle
213Naboo Fighter (refractor)
214Trade Federation Guns (metallic edge - small)
215Naboo Pilot
216Federation Ship (refractor)
217Qui-Gon Jinn
218Sith vs. Jedi
219Darth Maul
220Final Battle
222Racing to Keep Up
223Forced to Stop!
224Qui-Gon Waits
225Anakin (metallic edge - large)
226Trade Federation Hangar
228Droid Fighter (refractor)
229Within the Hangar
230Anakin Seeks a Way Out
231Firing a Shot (metallic edge - small)
232Droids on the Run!
233Spreading Explosion (metallic edge - small)
234Destroyed Hangar
235Exploding Command Ship
236Maul and Qui-Gon
238Maul Waits for Obi-Wan
239Obi-Wan and Maul Clash
240Duel (metallic edge - small)
241Fallen Obi-Wan
242Hanging On
244Celebration! (metallic edge - large)