Lays - Promotional Chip Game Cards (1999)


A big thank you to Andrew Leader among others for providing much of the basic info on this page.

In connection with the release of Episode One, the Lays company packaged game cards in specially marked bags of their various chip products. The flavors of chips that will carry the special cards vary by country (as they did for the 1997 Special Edition promotions). There are 12 cards to collect. Cards have been found in both the U.S. and in Australia. The main difference between the cards is the instructions for winning prizes.

A checklist of the 12 cards presently has been provided below.

There is also a 'mystery card' of Mace Windu available. This card is much less common than other cards and the few that I have seen have been for sale as part of complete sets.

Thanks to Derek Wilcox (and others) for pointing out information on this card to me. Derek also noted that the Canadian version of the cards are in both French and English, making them an added variation to the Australian cards.

For American collectors, the cards came in two sizes. A larger size card was made available in large sized bags of chips. The larger cards have the exact same images as the small version, but the back of the portion of the card that contains the contest can be separated from the actual card. Larger cards do not exist for the other countries in this promotion.

Card Values
·  set value: $5
·  single: $0.50

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Card NumberDescription
no numberPursuit - Darth Maul
no numberChange - Watto
no numberHelping - Anakin
no numberBravery - R2-D2
no numberCheating - Sebulba
no numberInstincts - Qui-Gon
no numberHonour - Obi-Wan
no numberDomination - Darth Sidious
no numberDuty - Queen Amidala
no numberAppetite - Jar Jar Binks
no numberCowardice - Nute Gunray and Rune Haako
no numberCuriosity - Padme
no numberInquiry - Mace Windu