K-Mart - Cash Cards (1999)


This is a set of 5 cards available only to U.S. customers, and only through the K-Mart website http://www.kmart.com for a limited time during the Episode One promotional period.

This set of cards had to be purchased one at a time. Each card functions much like a credit card or gift certificate, with a total value of $50.00. A handling fee of $4.95 is charged to purchase the card. In effect, you are paying $5 to K-Mart for the collectible card, and guaranteeing that you will make $50 in purchases at K-Mart during the coming year. If you purchase all 5 cards, you will be directing $250 in purchases to a K-Mart store that you might have spent elsewhere. Not a bad marketing strategy for K-Mart.

Cards were mailed in a small album that is nicely designed. If you already shop at K-Mart, this is a collectible item worth purchasing for the small $5 fee. Unfortunately, these cards were not offered to international customers and once collectors became aware of the cards they tended to sell out quickly, making it difficult for the average collector to complete their set.

Card Values
·  set value: $50
·  single: $5-10

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Card Issue DateDescription
May 1999Anakin in Podracer
June 1999Jar Jar Binks
July 1999Qui-Gon Jinn
August 1999Queen Amidala
September 1999Darth Maul