Hasbro (Milton Bradley) - Clash of the Lightsabers Game (1999)


This card game was released on May 3, 1999, the same day as the first Episode One toys. Unlike the toys, the card game wasn't flying off shelves, but maybe it should have been. The game provides collectors with 55 Battle cards for Qui-Gon Jinn, and 55 Battle cards for Darth Maul, along with 5 Final Duel cards for each of these characters. Equally fun, the game contains a small pewter figure of Darth Maul and Qui-Gon Jinn.

The box proclaims that players can "Relive the Final Duel in a one-on-one contest of strategy and skill!" Players are also warned that the game is "Easy to Learn - Difficult to Master!" The game is marked for ages 8 and up.

Although these aren't traditional "trading" cards, I have provided a checklist below, and will be providing scans in the near future. Cards are listed in the order they came out of the sealed deck. Duplicate cards are being skipped.

Due to a lack of popularity, these cards can often be picked up for less than their original retail cost on the secondary market. The pewter figures alone make them well worth looking for.

Card Values
·  set value: $6-10
·  unopened box: $6-10
·  single: novelty only

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Qui-Gon Jinn CardsDarth Maul Cards
Life DrainDarth Maul's Final Duel 3
BlockDarth Maul's Final Duel 1
Jedi KnightDarth Maul's Final Duel 4
Use the ForceDarth Maul's Final Duel 2
Burst of EnergyLife Drain
RetreatUse the Force
1 AttackSith Lord
Final AttackBurst of Energy
Qui-Gon's FuryDarth Sidious
2 AttackRetreat
3 Attack1 Attack
4 AttackFinal Attack
5 AttackDarth Maul's Rage
Qui-Gon's Final Duel 32 Attack
Qui-Gon's Final Duel 43 Attack
Qui-Gon's Final Duel 24 Attack
Qui-Gon's Final Duel 55 Attack
Qui-Gon's Final Duel 1Darth Maul's Final Duel 5