Fundy - Hungary - Promotional Stickers (1999)


Distributed with Fundy Star candy bars in Hungary, these stickers were actually made part of the wrapper. Collectors could also receive a small pamphlet to track their collection of stickers. Because the stickers were actually part of the wrapper, care had to be taken when opening the wrapper so as not to tear the sticker. The wrapper then had to be cut out around the sticker unless you chose to unstick the sticker and place it in the pamphlet that also served as an album. The album also advertised for Lego products. Stickers were not numbered.

Card Values
·  set value: $ ??
·  single: $1
·  album/pamplet: $2-3

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Card NumberDescription
no numberQueen Amidala
no numberObi-Wan Kenobi
no numberAnakin's Podracer
no numberNaboo Starfighters
no numberQui-Gon Jinn
no numberWatto
no numberAnakin Skywalker
no numberDarth Maul
no numberBattle Droid
no numberDroid Starfighters
no numberJar Jar Binks
no numberSpace Battle