Fromagerie Bel - France - La Vach Qui Rit Cheese Cards (1999)


Issued in France for Episode One, these cards open to reveal information about the two characters or ships featured for the card. Each card also had a total of two images to reveal. Cards were designed to be folded or 'flipped' to reveal the second image, and the hidden text. This is not a numbered card set.

Special thanks for the information on this page to Peggy Afuta.

These cards are meant to be played with, which means finding cards in really good condition may be difficult in later years. At the same time, its almost wasteful to have the card and not 'flip' it to see all of the images and text.

The packaging of these cards with a children's cheese product is also interesting when compared to the types of products that receive promotions in many other countries. While American children were drinking Pepsi and eating Doritos for Episode One promotions, and children in Japan were eating chocolate and chips, kids in France had great Star Wars cards packaged with cheese!

The box for the cheese is also a great item for collectors who enjoy packaging. The box has a round shape with great Star Wars images.

Card Values
·  set value: $30
·  unopened box: $5
·  single: $2

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Card FrontFlip Image
Vaisseau Royal NabooVaisseau Amiral droide
Chasseur Naboo Chasseurstellaire de la Federation ou Commerce
Jar Jar BinksDroide de Combat
Qui-Gon JinnWatto
Obi-Wan KenobiDark Maul
R2-D2Droide Destroyer
Anakin SkywalkerSebulba
Boss NassRune Haako
Reine AmidalaNute Gunray
YodaDark Sidious