Caltex - South Africa - Gas Station Cards/Stickers (1999)


Caltex is the name of a chain of gas stations in South Africa. During Episode One, visitors to these stations could receive either a card, or a sticker with purchase.

There are four Caltex cards. Each card is slightly smaller than a standard trading card, and is printed on a hard plastic (thicker than a credit card). Cards prominently feature the Caltex and Star Mart logos. Cards are not numbered, and do not appear to promote any particular product beyond Caltex itself.

In addition to the four cards, there were eight (8) different stickers that collectors could receive. Stickers were larger than the cards (somewhat over-sized) and came on a roll that was kept behind the counter. Because these were originally on a roll, finding stickers in good condition may be difficult.

In general, the Caltex cards and stickers are not easy to locate and are an item for die-hard collectors only. A small quantity were briefly available through Cards, Inc.

Card Values
·  set value: $85
·  single: $2-5

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Card NumberDescription
no numberR2-D2 Card
no numberAnakin Card
no numberC-3P0 Card
no numberDarth Maul Card
no numberAmidala Sticker
no numberAnakin Sticker
no numberArtoo Sticker
no numberC-3P0 Sticker
no numberJar Jar Sticker
no numberDarth Maul Sticker
no numberObi-Wan Sticker
no numberQui-Gon Jinn Sticker