Cadbury - UK - E1: Clippos (1999)


Clippos are similar to pogs, but are slightly larger than the standard U.S. pog and can be used like a paperclip. Issued one each in a box of Cadbury fingers, there were four clippos to collect; Anakin, Jar Jar, Queen Amidala and Darth Maul.

Each clippo has the word 'Star Wars' at the top of the circle and the name of the character at the bottom of the circle. The character's image appears in the center.

Thanks to Deb Kittle for information about this set.

Card Values
·  set value: $8-10
·  single: $1-2

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Card NumberDescription
no numberAnakin
no numberJar Jar
no numberQueen Amidala
no numberDarth Maul