Bootleg - Hungary - Episode One Stickers (1999)


This set of stickers were sold at news agents in Hungary during Episode One. There are 16 stickers in the set, featuring both Episode One and classic character and ship images. Each sticker has a bright star burst effect background on a bold color. Cards are bordered with a neon outline and each has the Star Wars logo displayed either behind or in front of the character. One corner contains the word 'sticker'. There is no company information or copyright information on the sticker. Stickers were clearly produced on a home computer using standard image editing software, and were printed onto sticker backing. Backs are plain white, with 'Raflata' showing on the back.

Card Values
·  set value: $?
·  single: $?

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Card NumberDescription
no numberDarth Vader
no numberStormtrooper
no numberAT-AT
no numberSlave Leia
no numberMusician with keyboard
no numberBoss Nass
no numberJar Jar Binks
no numberNute Gunray
no numberYoda
no numberQueen Amidala
no numberR2-D2
no numberC-3P0
no numberSilver Droid
no numberMace Windu
no numberObi-Wan Kenobi
no numberAnakin Skywalker