Quality Bakers - New Zealand - Bread Promo Cards (1998)


Special thanks to James Howell of Auckland for providing the information for this page.

Produced in New Zealand by Quality Bakers, this card set consisted of 10 cards issued in loaves of bread, one card per loaf. Each card featured a Star Wars character. Text on the back of the cards described the character. The front of each card was covered by a thin plastic layer that could be removed. This layer had a pattern on it, which when held up to the the special bread loaf wrapper revealed if a prize had been won.

Card Values
· set value: $
· unopened box: $
· single: $
· chase: $
· other: $

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Card NumberDescription
2Han Solo
3Princess Leia
5Darth Vader
6Boba Fett
8Obi-Wan Kenobi
10Luke Skywalker